15 Outdoor Decorating Ideas on a Budget

15 Outdoor Decorating Ideas on a Budget
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    With spring in full swing, many people are spending more time outside.

    The warmer temperatures, beautiful blooming flowers, and green grass growing, it is time to get outside and see what nature has to offer.


It is also the time of year when avid gardeners turn to outdoor decorating.  Listed below are 15 outdoor decorating ideas on a budget.  Which of these ideas will you implement into your outdoor décor?

  • Bring in the flowers.
    If your garden just doesn’t seem up to par, add beauty through flowers. Replace old flowers that may have seen better days.  The more color you have in your flower beds, the more curb appeal your home will have. Your local nursery will have beautiful plants at great prices.
  • A stylish second hand bird bath. 
    A bird bath will attract wild life to your yard.  Put a bird bath in your yard that will be stylish and attractive to your guests as well.  Sit on your porch in the spring enjoying the outdoors and beautiful wildlife that is attracted to your yard.
  • Find great outdoor furniture at garage sales.
    Outdoor furniture will make a big impact when decorating your outdoor space. Unfortunately, it can get rather expensive.  Visit garage sales around the area in search of second hand outdoor furniture that is still in good shape.  You may even check the ads in your local newspaper.
  • Recover your existing outdoor furniture.
    If you already have furniture, choose to recover it instead of going out and buying brand new furniture. This is a cost efficient way to get  a new look for your outdoor space.
  • Make your own outdoor accessories.
    Choose to make you own stepping stones and outdoor art to help beauty your space.  The options are endless when creating classic pieces to help decorate outdoors. If you have a creative touch, use your skills to save you money.
  • Shop at your local craft store for outdoor accessories.
    Some large craft stores will carry outdoor accessories at a cheaper price. To really save money, go in search of accessories that may have minor defects. This is a great way to save you money.
  • Find an outdoor rug on clearance.
    An outdoor rug can help warm up the space and make it seem as if you are really indoors. This is a great way to add in color and texture to your outdoor living space.
  • Build a raise platform with lumber you have laying around.
    A raised platform is a great place to put a dining table or to make a sitting area.  If you have extra lumbar lying around, use it to decorate your outdoor space.
  • Don’t be afraid to bring the indoors out.
    If there are things from indoors that you plan on getting rid of, why not bring them outdoors and allow them to act as garden accessories.
  • Make your own stepping stones.
    Stepping stones can be rather expensive if you choose high quality materials. Save some money on those stones by making your own from cement.
  • Discover inexpensive outdoor lighting.
    Outdoor lighting is a must to help complete the perfect outdoor space. When decorating, choose inexpensive lighting that can make a big impact.
  • Bring in a water element.
    A water fountain in the corner can give you and your family the illusion of being someplace else.  Wait until the end of the season and get a water fountain on sale.
  • Potted plants can make a big impact.
    Add potted plants to your porch area for another inexpensive burst of color.
  • Invest in a trendy outdoor fan.
    Outdoor fans are inexpensive, provide relief from the heat, and can also make a statement in your outdoor space.  Choose a trendy design that is eye catching.
  • Outdoor pillows are must!
    If you can’t afford to recover your outdoor furniture, choose to buy new outdoor pillows to help give the space a fresh look. This is an inexpensive way to add a touch of color and elegance.

Are you busy decorating your outdoor space? If so, choose to implement the ideas above to help get the look that you want on a small budget. 

This article is written by Sarah from 1001Sundials.com an online store to buy decorative garden sundials and pedestal bases.



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