Making the Most of Small Spaces

Making the Most of Small Spaces


Seven tips on how to organize limited space.

Here on, our emphasis is on taking your existing space and making it larger. However, we also realize that for some of our readers you’re satisfied with your present space and simply want to make it more useful.

You need not change the footprint of your house, your condominium or your apartment to make good use of the room that you have. For some people larger is not only undesirable, but is not possible to accomplish. Tearing down the wall could meet with your landlord’s wrath or a removed wall could adversely impact the structure of your home.

Let’s take a look at how you make a small room provide big results:

1. Declutter the room — Small areas are sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of stuff found in these rooms. The simplest way to make a tight area seem larger is to remove excess furnishings. More open space on the floor will make your room seem larger. If possible, replace larger furniture with smaller furnishings or at least reorganize the room to provide for more floor space.

2. Make it light — Heavy drapes should be replaced by shear curtains or blinds to allow your room to take in more natural light. Replace floor lighting with track or recessed lighting, a step that will open up the floor and provide a better penetration of lighting.

3. Choose softer colors — Your ceilings are white, but what color are your walls? Bright, sharps colors belong in larger rooms, but pastels, white and neutrals will give your eyes the illusion of your room being larger than it is advises Lowe’s. If your floors are dark wood, lighter wood or light carpeting will also make your room seem larger.

4. Make use of mirrors — Place floor to ceiling mirrors on one wall to give the room the appearance of being much larger than it is. If taking up an entire wall is too much for you, then make use of wall mirrors. Mirrors reflect light and color, and will make any room appear larger than it is.

5. Limit wall coverings — Too many paintings and other artwork on a wall will make your room seem closed in. Instead, choose one larger painting and strategically place it where eyes will be drawn directly to it.

6. Consider using glass — If you just can’t do without furniture, considering swapping out a wooden coffee table with a glass table. You can do the same with end stands. The footprint will be the same, but the look of the room will seem larger as you’ll be able to see through the furniture to the floor.

7. Remove excess accessories — A chair and an ottoman might work well in a larger room, but that ottoman can steal much needed floor space. Consider replacing these with a reclining chair or buy a sectional sofa with one or two recliners included.

You don’t need to work with a home designer to make your tight quarters seem larger. Jodi Gilmour of HGTV’s “For Rent” not only offers advice on how to find an apartment for rent, but how to make the most use of small spaces.



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