6 Simple Tricks To Make Your Home Feel Larger And More Open

6 Simple Tricks To Make Your Home Feel Larger And More Open
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    Many people are hopelessly unsatisfied with the size of their homes.

    A limited budget prevents some people from purchasing the spacious home of their dreams.


Others miscalculate the amount of space they want or need. If you feel stuck in a home that feels too small for you, don’t despair. Consider adopting the following six tricks to make your home feel larger and more open.

Install One Type of Flooring in Living Areas

Having multiple types of flooring in adjoining rooms will make a home appear smaller than it actually is. To make your abode feel more open and spacious, install one type of flooring in all of your living areas. For instance, you could buy hardwood floors for your kitchen, dining room, formal living space, and great room. This kind of flooring is beautiful, timeless, and functional.

Update Windows

Besides installing new flooring, you might make your home appear larger by installing a wall of windows in one or more of the rooms in your house. If the windows in your home don’t currently provide enough natural light, your living spaces probably look dark and small. By adding more windows or updating your old ones, you will brighten up your space. New Gilkey Windows can make a major difference in the amount of light in your home.

Invest in Mirrors

Because mirrors reflect light, they can make a small space appear larger. Installing a mirror in a dining room will make it make it look bigger and more elegant. A foyer is another great place to hang a mirror in. Propping up full-length mirrors against corner walls is another fantastic way to make your spaces look more open.

Buy Some Floor to Ceiling Drapes

Buying new drapes is a wonderful way to add style, elegance, and grandeur to your abode. When shopping for these beautiful home furnishings, look for the floor to ceiling variety. By choosing this type of drape, the walls and windows in your home should look bigger than they really are.

Repaint Your Home

If all of the walls in your home are painted a dark shade, you need to visit your local hardware store. Select new paint colors in light hues. The rooms in your home will instantly look larger.

Purchase a Bed with Built-In Storage

If your home includes small bedrooms, filling them with furniture items can make them look even smaller than they are. Instead of opting for a dresser or an armoire, search for a bed with built-in storage compartments. Your room will look bigger; and, you won’t have to worry about constantly bumping into unnecessary pieces of furniture.

If your home feels too small, you might be ready to contact a real estate agent. However, buying a new, larger home may not be practical for you right now. Instead of writing your current home off, try some simple tricks to make your home feel bigger and more open.



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