From Beatlemania to March Madness: Using Your Passion to Inspire Your Décor

From Beatlemania to March Madness: Using Your Passion to Inspire Your Décor
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    Are John, Paul, Ringo, and George your best friends?

    Do you spend every spare moment drooling over pictures of far off cities and exotic cultures?

    Would you rather chew off your arm than miss a single game from the NBA playoffs?


To some this might sound like an obsession, but you know better than that. These are your passions and you can’t help it that they drive you in life. However, there is a right and a wrong way to use your passion as a part of your home décor. These tips will give you a room to be proud of and feel comfortable in.

Use a Subtle Theme

Most people don’t want to walk into your home and be overwhelmed by just how in love you are with The Beatles. Every inch of your wall covered in Beatles memorabilia will speak volumes about how much you love the band, but won’t speak well for your decorating taste. Instead, consider the sub-themes of what you love about your obsession.

If you do happen to love The Beatles more than life itself, focus on just one album as your décor inspiration. Let’s say that Abbey Road is your favorite (as it should be). There is always the option of the classic family picture similar to the album cover with the four iconic men crossing the road in line. A simple throw or pillow bearing the British flag can also subtly indicate your passion for The Beatles.

You don’t have to go all out for people to know what you love. Choose a simpler route or a specific genre to hint at your obsession instead of making it overpowering and obvious.

Tie it All Together

When you’re choosing to incorporate your passions into your decorating style, keep in mind that you want a cohesive feel, not something sporadic and random. Perhaps you eat, sleep, and breathe the Chicago Cubs. Every decision you make is based around when the Cubs are playing, and you have your own set of superstitions that you use to influence their wins. There’s no shame in that, we’re not here to judge…unless you let it take over your décor in a bad way.

Wait a minute before you rush to a local home improvement store to buy royal blue paint to cover your living room walls with. Bold colors make a bold statement and sometimes that’s not what you need. It can be better to use these intense colors as more of an undertone, hinting at your love for the team. Curtains, rugs, lamps, pillows, and throws can all use your bolder colors as accent colors to compliment simple cream, beige, or eggshell walls.

You can choose a lot of different elements of your passion to bring into your room. Small collector’s items can be a fun addition, but make sure that they can all be tied together. Don’t make it all too much the same, but don’t scatter it out too much either.

Make it Original

You may not be the only person out there completely obsessed with France, but you can still make your Parisian décor fit you personally. Scroll through other ideas online to see what you like and don’t like. Everyone else may have a black and white picture of the Eiffel Tower, but that doesn’t mean you have to as well.

See what other people are missing and add that to your own décor. Try to tell a story with your style. It’s about more than just loving France. Explain why you love France, if you’ve been there, and what pieces of the culture you brought back with you.

You can keep your Parisian choices as simple as a few French literature books on your coffee table as a conversation starter or pictures of your latest visit to France on your mantle. The subtle reminders will speak more in a classy way than a large center piece ever could.

There’s nothing wrong with showing off what you love most in life. People will be interested in knowing what you care about and why. Always make sure to keep your décor classy, though. You don’t want to be known for your gimmicky or kitschy living room. Use the subtle undertones and originality to keep people interested and impressed with your decorating taste.

Theo Schmidt enjoys spending time in the outdoors and is passionate about protecting the environment. He is always looking for ways to improve his own home. To find windows and doors in Barrie, visit the Northern Comfort Windows website.

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