The 5 Best Home Remodeling Projects for Winter

The 5 Best Home Remodeling Projects for Winter
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    One thing people don't tend to think about during the winter is home remodeling.

    While it is true that many different home improvement projects are best performed during the spring and summer months, this is not the case for all of them.


Below are five different home remodeling projects you can complete even when there is snow outside.

1. Repaint Your Walls

Over time, a home’s paint job can deteriorate. The paint can chip. It can also fade in color. Every decade or so, it may be a good idea to give your walls a couple new coats of paint. Thankfully, you can certainly do this during the winter time. In fact, it is a great home improvement project that you can do when the weather gets cold. Use it as an opportunity to redesign the color schemes of your home. Just make sure to crack open the windows even if it is cold outside. You don’t want to breathe in too many paint fumes. Whatever room you are painting in, it is a good ideas to crack a window or two to help air out the fumes. You might also consider turning on a fan to help the air circulate. Otherwise, choose paint marked as low VOC.

2. Replace Your Carpet

Flooring can be one of the most annoying home improvement projects as it often entails you being on your hands and knees a lot. It can become very uncomfortable quickly. Removing old battered and stained carpet is another job perfect for winter. If you don’t choose new carpet, go to for smooth hard wood flooring. You could also go along with tile flooring. However, tile flooring is often more work. If you install new carpet, make sure to open the windows to let out the fumes. They can be quite intense after installing new carpeting.

3. Remodel Your Bathroom

Another great winter home improvement project can be remodeling your bathroom. You may, for example, want to replace your tub or shower with classier designs. A walk-in shower with a clear glass door and a freestanding acrylic bathtub are excellent choices. Also consider changing the tiling, vanity mirror and sink in your bathroom. If you need ideas, visit this website at Callier Thompson Kitchen & Bath for published images of bathroom portfolios.

4. Replace Your Kitchen Countertops

The countertop should be one of the focal points of a well-designed kitchen. It’s also a functional space. Unfortunately, kitchen countertops can often be hideous and can get worn out over time. Consider installing a new one. Beyond options like marble and granite, there are more cost effective choices like butcher block and tile.

Winter is also a good time to think about the garden landscaping and planting in the spring. Winter is only 3 months and spring will be upon a quickly. Having a garden plan allows you to shop online for special bulbs and plantings.

If you need some ideas including pics, shopping deals and the like, jump over to our garden design center for all of your garden design needs. How about a quick “comment/share” so everyone can enjoy this read.

5. Replace Your Lighting Fixtures

Consider adding or replacing some of your old worn out lighting fixtures, whether they are lamps, ceiling fans or chandeliers. Just make sure you are competent enough with electrical work to do the job safely.

Winter can sometimes be a depressing time of the year. One way to cure some of your winter blues is by starting a home remodeling project that can give you a significant sense of accomplishment upon completion.



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