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12 Questions to Ask During Your Window-Replacement Consultation

Most home improvement projects, no matter how straightforward, will take a considerable amount of your time and money.

Doors and Windows

The Lowdown On Your Windows and Energy Efficiency

Tweet Few of them realize that window insulation plays a key role in improving their home’s comfort and energy efficiency, and could also be costing them hundreds of dollars every

Doors and Windows

Home Improvement: The Downsides of DIY Door and Window Installation

Tweet For instance, if you need to have a door or window installed, you won’t need to call an installer if you have the necessary skills to do it on

Doors and Windows

Important Questions About Window Installation: How to Tell if Your Contractor Did a Good Job

Tweet You could be reading this because your contractor has just finished working on your new windows and you’d like to determine whether they’ve really done as well as they

Doors and Windows

The Only Window Installation You’ll Need: Knowing the Right Window Replacement Process

Tweet You can get the most out of your investment if you take the time to learn about what goes into an ideal window installation process. In this post, you’ll

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The Case for Casement Windows

Casement windows have been around for a long time. Though the double-hung window is by far the most common type of window in America, chances are, you’ve encountered a casement window or two.

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Hints on Choosing Windows for Your Remodeling Project

Choosing a proper window may seem like an easy task at first thought and a small decision to be made. However, there are several important things that strongly depend on how well-chosen the windows are.

Doors and Windows

Want Airtight Windows? Helpful Tips to Keep Weak Windows from Leaking

The average American family spends $2500 on heating and air conditioning annually. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that approximately half of Americans’ home energy expenses are squandered due to improperly sealed doors and windows.