Important Questions About Window Installation: How to Tell if Your Contractor Did a Good Job

Important Questions About Window Installation: How to Tell if Your Contractor Did a Good Job
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You could be reading this because your contractor has just finished working on your new windows and you’d like to determine whether they’ve really done as well as they should on the project you entrusted them with.  Or, perhaps, you’re preparing for an upcoming job, and want to be equipped with necessary information that’ll help you better oversee the work being done on your home. 

As in anything, having some knowledge of what to expect will serve you well. In this post, you’ll learn about the things that you should check to determine if your contractor did as expected (or better). Knowing exactly what your contractor should deliver on is an assurance that your windows will  be properly installed and will, consequently, last a long time. We also give you some tips and reminders to help you ensure that proper window installation was done.

Important Questions to Ask After Window Installation

Before saying goodbye to the crew and settling any payment balances, you’ve got to make it a point to check your new windows to see if they really have been properly installed. Here are the questions to guide you in your inspection:

PLUMB AND LEVEL. A good window is one that is perfectly straight, both vertically and horizontally.

Once your window is in place, you may proceed to check significant aspects, such as whether the sill is level and the frame is plumb. Level is when the sill is perfectly horizontal, without tilt. On the other hand, plumb means that the vertical framing is perfectly straight.

  • Are all the window components in their proper places?

    Check too, for the other little details that can impact on your window’s performance or aesthetics, such as, were your specifications in terms of grille pattern and placement followed? If you ordered snap-on grilles, are they securely adhered to the glass?

  • Does the window open and close easily and properly?

    Double hung, casement, sliding, and awning – these are all operable windows and, of course, you should be able to open and close them with ease. Test how your new windows open: do the locks or latches work smoothly? Do the panels stay put when opened, or are they loose? Meanwhile, when closing the window, can you easily lock it?

  • Do the locks work perfectly?

    Properly functioning window locks are very important for security. As already mentioned, you should check how easy it is for you to lock and unlock the windows. You should also test the locking mechanism to see if it holds tight enough to prevent entry.

  • Is the window properly sealed, caulked, and insulated?

CAULKED, SEALED, INSULATED. Window installation can be considered incomplete if these weren’t applied properly and adequately.

  • Lastly, check all the sides of the window frame to see if adequate sealant, caulk, and insulation were applied. These are necessary to help prevent air infiltration and energy leakage through gaps between the glass and the framing, making it more energy-efficient.

If your gut is telling you that something isn’t right about your newly replaced windows, it will help to seek the assistance of a professional home inspector that specializes in windows. This way, you will have a professional to back your argument in case something has gone wrong with the installation and you need to ask the contractor to fix the problem.

How to Ensure Proper Window Installation Right from the Start

Post-installation inspection is indeed very important, but you can already shake some worries off  by following these tips right from the start, while you are still planning the replacement project.

THE RIGHT CONTRACTOR. When you hire a reliable window contractor, you can worry less about badly installed windows.

  1. Let the pros handle it.

    The complexity of window installation varies from case to case, and will depend on a number of factors, from the type of window to your home’s structural condition and requirements. A window can only be installed properly and perform well if you let experienced and knowledgeable contractors handle the job. If you have been thinking about doing the installation yourself, stop and forget about it right now!

  2. Hiring an experienced, licensed, and reputable contractor.

    You should not hire just any handyman or contractor. You need to look for one that is experienced, licensed, and trained. By doing so, you can be assured that your new windows will be installed in accordance with industry standards. Additionally, most manufacturers also require that their products be installed by certified contractors. Otherwise, any product warranty provided may be voided. Reputable contractors also typically offer guarantees on labor, so if anything goes awry, you will be adequately protected.

  3. Timing the installation.

    Different materials may react to weather and temperature changes differently. You can avoid climate-related problems – such as moisture or seal failure – from occurring if you schedule the installation work when weather conditions are ideal.

  4. Knowing and following the process.

    Reliable contractors follow standard window installation and replacement procedures. These procedures have already been proven efficient and effective. You can help make sure that the project will be a success by understanding the process yourself and discreetly observing if the crew assigned to your home is adhering to it. Similarly, do let the crew go about their work without interference; do your best not to meddle, as long as you see that the process is being followed  as closely as possible.

Getting window installation right is of utmost importance if you wish to make the most of your investment and bring extra comfort and energy-efficiency into your home. Do not cut corners during the planning stage, and make it a point to check your newly installed windows before giving the contractor your final nod of approval.

As a customer, it is your right to receive a service that represents your money’s worth. To learn more about the ideal window installation process and what you should expect from a window replacement job, consult a trusted window contractor in your area.

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