Backyard Hack – How Hardwork Can Yield a Yard to Enjoy

Backyard Hack – How Hardwork Can Yield a Yard to Enjoy
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    The project I'm going to talk to you about today requires no special knowledge.

    No special tools.

    All you need is hard work.


Spring is a great time of year. Birds are chirping and the weather is slowly warming. It’s time for a yard project. You know, that project, that you have been putting off all winter? Or maybe you are looking for a new idea to incorporate into your current landscape. Trying to decide a project can be difficult because there are limitless opportunities. The project I’m going to talk to you about today requires no special knowledge. No special tools. All you need is hard work.

What the Project Is and Isn’t

The project is called “raking is the fun”. Catchy title, huh? Well, first let me start by saying that raking is not fun, but what happens after you rake? Your yard looks better and that makes you happy. So, if you want to rake, then go ahead, and rake. But, this article is about something deeper. And its not raking.

The Uncomplicated Project

I want to talk about removing stickers from your lawn. The stickers I’m talking about are the ones that you step on and they stab into the bottom of your bare foot and hurt like crazy. Now, I realize that they have sprays and other ways to treat those pesky stickers, but I have a way to do it for free. Its called a weekend of hard work. This idea may sound crazy but when I was 14 my neighbor had stickers in his back yard. He ask me if I would like to make some extra money. Which I did! I was 14 and I loved mountain dew (which costs money).

My Long Weekend

So my neighbor took me to his back yard one Saturday morning and told me to start picking the stickers out by the roots until I had picked all of them. I picked and picked and picked. Sunday morning I started picking again. I was completely sick of picking, yet I pressed on. By Sunday evening I had picked all of the stickers and my neighbor raked them all in a pile. Now this may seem like its a lot of work but guess what? I went back over his house two weeks later and it had almost no stickers! Hard work got rid of all if them(except one plant). I’m sure that my neighbor had to keep a eye out for any new stickers growing but that is easy.

Final Thoughts

I would recommend it to anyone wanting to walk barefoot in their backyard. Your yard may not be as bad as the one that I picked,so maybe you can do it in a day. But its worth the effort and its costs you nothing. I have one recommendation if you decided to go with this method. Use gloves! I didn’t get to use gloves on my weekend of picking so you can probably imagine my hands were a little tore up. But other than that my weekend of picking was pretty painless. Just make sure you pull out the roots with the sticker or it will just grow back. And its called “raking is the fun” cause the person raking has the fun and the picker gets the sore hands.

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