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Home Interior Design

3 Ways You Can Start Using Mirrors to Make Your Room Feel Bigger

How You Can Start Using Mirrors To Make Your Dingy Room Feel Bigger Than Life! A small sized room can be depressing sometimes, so why not do something about it?

Home Lighting

Effective and Efficient Home Lighting

Tweet The market is flooded with home lighting solutions. Once you are buying, you would simply be overwhelmed with the choices that are available. But ponder over a few things

Home Lighting

Six Tips To Bring In More Natural Light Into Your Home

The ability to add natural light to your home has a myriad of benefits. Bright and airy abodes are happier places.

Home Lighting

Five Tips to Gain More Natural Light In Your Home

Opening windows, flipping blinds around and spreading curtains are obvious ways to get more natural light in a room.

Window Treatments

What You Need to Know About Window Treatments

Although window treatments may not make a room, they can certainly have a big impact on any room. For it is the window coverings you choose that can affect the amount of light that comes into a room as well as enhance or even detract from the room’s decor.

Home Lighting

Bring in Natural Light With Skylights

While many homeowners may be comfortable with doing the work themselves, not many people may feel that way about installing skylights, another project that the federal government deems worthy of a tax credit.