A Guide To Cordless Tool Attachments

A Guide To Cordless Tool Attachments
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    If you have a passion for power tool perfection, you probably already know which cordless attachments will do best for your everyday drill needs.


But if you’re a first-timer who has never had a chance to wield battery-powered tool add-ons and are still eager to grab some and put them to good use, we have a short list of versatile attachment extras right here to help you pick the best drill accessories for your tool chest. Depending on your budget, drill power and needs, you may choose a sturdy drill-and-drive bit, a pair of metal shears, a convenient power mixer and/or a handful of trusty angle attachments to round off your cordless tool chest and make sure you’re always ready for a dire repair or DIY emergency.

Portable versatility: Drill-and-drive bits

Most cordless drivers and drills currently available on the market are designed to help you out with drilling holes and driving screws, so getting your paws on a sturdy drill-and-drive bit may save you a whole lot of hassle, time and money. By purchasing a drill-and-drive, you get a handy two-in-one drill accessory consisting of a hex-shank holder (which goes into the drill) and a removable two-sided insert with a drill bit on one end and a screw driving tip on the other.

With a strong and durable drive-and-drill bit, you will be able to bore screw pilot, counterbore or countersink holes and then drive in the screws by switching to the drive tip. Affordable, small and versatile, drive-and-drills help reduce repair time and minimize the add-on spatial footprint in your tool chest, and they are also safer to use on wood than regular driver bits, so you should definitely buy some to round off the list of your essential power drill extras.

Measure carefully: Drill guides

Boring precise holes with a hefty power drill can be a mighty hard task unless you have a simple and reliable add-on to measure the accurate depth and diameter of the bore. That’s where the drill guide comes in: comprising a drill chuck mounted to a sliding yoke attached to two vertical steel rails sitting atop a wide flat base, this light and straightforward power accessory serves as a miniature drill press to help you make accurate holes with minimum stress, effort and time required.

Available in a range of types and sizes, most drill guides work in a rather simple yet highly efficient way: first, you’ll need to tighten the drill chuck onto the drill guide shaft, place a drill bit into the guide shaft and then screw it tight. By adjusting the drill guide angle within a 0-45 degree range, you’ll be able to bore any hole you need where you need it most, and you can also use the depth stop collar mounted on the rail to measure the depth of your bore for extra drilling accuracy, precision and safety.

Surprising functionality: Metal shear add-ons

If you never thought of using your power drill to cut metal sheets, it’s high time you started doing so now: with the turbo metal shear accessory onboard, your cordless drill will transform into the ultimate metal-cutting gadget in a flash! Fitted with a shaft that goes into the drill chuck, the turbo shear accessory is powered by the rotating motion of the drill trigger and it allows you to carve through sheet metal, aluminum flashing, vinyl flooring, as well as metal roofing and ducts.

The metal shears will work best with power drills that boast speeds of 1200 rpm and above, so in case you have such a power drill at hand, you should also get your turbo shear ASAP. In times of dire carving need, this clever accessory will definitely make your life a whole lot easier and do its power magic when the cutting gets tough.

Right on target: Right-angle attachments

If you want to tackle all the drilling, screw-driving and hole boring tasks with minimum effort, time and fumbling, you should definitely get a right-angle attachment such as the one created by DeWalt. Sizing as few as 1-3/4 inches in thickness and crafted from industrial grade metal, the DeWalt right angle attachment comes fitted with a snug handle and grip for your maximum handling comfort, a strong floating-ring magnet component to keep all your screws tightly in place and precision-machined gears for superior transference of power.

Compatible with any hex-shank drill bit you throw its way, as well as with most screwdriver tips, holesaws, nut drivers and spade bits, the right angle attachment can even be used with impact drivers to a surprisingly efficient result, so make sure you check it out when shopping for drilling accessories next time.

Mix up the fun: Drill power mixers

You probably know that you can use your power drill to mix paint, don’t you? All you need add-on-wise to turn your cordless driver/drill into a paint mixing gizmo is a mixing paddle or a stir whip. While traditional paint mixer paddles come with several rotating blades and can do quite a decent mixing number with various materials, stir whips sport flexy rubber fingers for minimum resistance and motor strain with maximum paint mixing efficiency.

Some stir whips can also be used to mix more demanding materials like mortar, coatings, fertilizers, glue, epoxies and even modest batches of concrete. If you’re crafty enough, you can even make one yourself – just make sure you use durable materials and not some shabby leftover plastic that will fall apart as soon as your drill chuck goes into action.

So, are you ready to whip out some trusty attachments and make the most of your cordless power tool? With a few cost-efficient yet reliable drill add-ons, you will be able to complete a range of different repair and DIY projects in no time at all. In case you plan to use more than two drill extras, you can save some money by getting a cordless tool combo kit online, so place your order today and start enjoying all the tooling capability and versatility you can get as soon as your gear arrives.



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