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Invest in Your Home: 4 Ways to Fund Your Major Home Renovations

When you purchase a home, you commit yourself to creating a habitat that is solely your own. Everything you do, plan, and invest involving your home should contribute towards the overall value of it.

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Cash-Out Refinancing and Your Home

Tweet Even if your home’s value plunged during the Great Recession of 2008, your home may have recouped much of that loss over the following years. If you desire to

Home Financing

A Second Mortgage and Your Home

A second mortgage is debt that along with your first mortgage must be paid back to satisfy the lien on your home.

Home Financing

How to Get a Home Equity Loan

If you have owned your home for several years, you may have built up some equity. That equity can be tapped to pay for some major improvements or cover smaller projects such as new fixtures, a refreshed kitchen or new floors.