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8 Best Energy-Efficient Home Improvements That Will Save You Money

The average homeowner spends more than $1,200 each year on their electric bill alone. Though you likely won’t be able to go without electricity entirely, there are things you can do to lower your energy bills each month.

Green Home

Green on the Inside: Tips to Get a More Efficient House

There are many ways to incorporate green living into your home and daily life. Not only do these options often help save money by using less energy, they also help reduce the damage that would otherwise be caused to the environment.

Energy Savings

4 Green Technologies You’ll Want to Use in Your Next Remodel

Tweet LED Lighting LED bulbs may seem expensive, but consider that high-quality LEDs cost less than $2 per year to operate and will last over 20 years. You end up

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Clean and Green: A Commitment to Sustainable Energy Solutions

If you’re truly committed towards greening the earth, I would firmly direct you to patronize companies that themselves have pioneered ways to, for instance, save energy, reuse and recycle, and have devised other such methods to do good for the planet.

Home Lighting

Why LED Lighting will Benefit Your Home

Most of us know that LED, or Light-Emitting Diode, lighting can reduce the usage of electricity to light up our environment. But, did you know that there are far more benefits of using LED lighting?

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3 Key Benefits of Solar Powered Generators for Homeowners

One of the most versatile sources of renewable energy is the sun. Our favorite and closest star shines brightly every day and we use its light to go about our daily activities.

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Commercial Solar PV Benefits: Is it Worth the Money?

With the workplace space outfitted with various technologies, the high electric bill is normal. It is continuously turning into a major problem for organizations.

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How You can Benefit From Solar and Wind Energy Without Breaking the Bank

Wind and solar energy for residential properties are becoming increasingly popular and today are more affordable than ever before. For these who want to save money and be more environmentally friendly, installing solar and wind energy for your home is a wise decision.

Green Home

Green Building Materials for Your Remodeling Project

With environmental awareness steadily gaining ground among homeowners, more and more people are looking into ways to transform their space into a more sustainable and efficient place.