3 Outdoor Projects to Add Value to Your Home!

3 Outdoor Projects to Add Value to Your Home!
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    A lot of people spend countless hours remodeling the interiors of their homes while forgetting all about the glorious expanse of outdoor space that they have.


Even if you have just a little front- oor backyard, you can transform it into a comfortable and inviting space with minor changes. Not only will this be a rewarding experience, but an enhanced outdoor space will also add value to your property, should you wish to move in the future!

If you have been neglecting your outdoor space all along, here are 3 amazing ways to help your property create an impression.

Do a Bit of Gardening

A well-maintained garden can up your home’s value by 20%! Do bear in mind that a garden that looks difficult to maintain is likely to put off potential takers. Simple sells, so use these tips for your property.

  • Think of the garden as an extension of your house: just as you would keep your other rooms organised, so should you your garden. Watch out for unidentified plants, and sweep and de-weed your garden regularly.
  • Grow plants that are indigenous to your region. Established native plants are inexpensive to buy, easy to grow, and need less water and care as compared to exotic species. If you own property in the UK, go for shrubs like elder, common dogwood and privet, and trees like common alder, yew and crab apple. These plants will wonderfully complement town and country lettings spread over large areas.
  • Plan and design your garden so that it is well-balanced. Define vistas and viewpoints to add interest.
  • Grow more perennials for a garden that looks full all through the year. Buy clump-forming plants that you can divide and grow easily to create a stunning display.

Create an Escape

Create a welcoming space in your backyard in the form of a pergola or gazebo. Be sure to plan the installation right so you can enjoy the outdoor space for years to come, and also add significant value to your property when you let or sell it later.

  • Research designs and take your time to settle on a feature. Remember that any feature you choose needs to blend with the style of your home and any existing garden decor.
  • Arrange landscaping such that the pergola or gazebo is out in the open and easy to get to. Create a path leading up to the feature so that you and your guests don’t have trouble getting to it even when the ground is wet.
  • Consider using screens or shower curtains to stay dry when it rains.
  • Build some storage space and place enough garden chairs to accommodate all your guests!

Add an Outdoor Fire Pit

With the cold months approaching soon, this option is hard to pass up! You can have a fire pit on the patio or in your backyard to provide light and warmth. Moreover, fire pits can also be used for cooking- just place grills or grates over the pit and you’ll be all set for a barbecue!

  • Take local codes into consideration before building a fire pit. Codes vary from city to city so check with certified professionals or building officials.
  • You can build a fire pit or use a portable fire bowl for your outdoor area. Just remember to choose an area that is clear of foliage that can readily catch fire. As a rule of thumb, allow at least 1.8 metre of clear space around the pit or bowl.
  • Do take wind direction into consideration when you decide the placement of your fire pit or bowl. Since burning embers can be blown out and carried over a distance, choose an area that is well protected from strong winds.
  • Alternatively, go for a gas-fueled pit or bowl if it gets too windy in your area. A fire pit with a mesh cover can also keep sparks from flying out.


Transforming unused space to suit your needs is the best way to make the most of your property. So if you’re lucky enough to have a home with outdoor space, don’t let it sit idle! Use tips from this post to expand your living space to the outdoors while also raising the value of your property!

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