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Home Interior Design

5 Steps to Transforming Your Space

Whether you are moving into a new house or just looking to change up your space, there are numerous options available to transform your home.

Closet Systems

Dress Up the House to Accommodate Your Dress: How to Choose Built In Wardrobes

If you have a ton of clothing and not enough space to properly store it, consider getting a built-in wardrobe installed in your home.

Closet Systems

Do It Yourself Closets: They Don’t Have to Be Magical

Not so long ago, the Harry Potter series of novels had a generation of children running around, waving magic wands and attempting to do complicated spells.

Storage Space

Frugal DIY Home Storage Ideas

Tweet There are some great frugal ways to utilize the space in your home without needing a second home for storage or a bulldozer to get everything out. Below are

Closet Systems

The 7 Steps to a De-Cluttered Home

After you’ve lived in one place for a few years, it’s easy for things to become cluttered. As American consumers, we often buy more than we need, and much of what we buy ends up in piles in our garages if we’re not diligent about staying organized.