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How to Save for a Major Renovation Project

Tweet Renovation Project Options Unless you have cash on hand, you will need to save money for your major renovation project. There are some other ways that you can assemble

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What is a Mortgage Hardship Program?

Tweet These programs are designed to keep people in their homes and typically cover homeowners that have overextended themselves with credit, lost a job or have seen their home values

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How to Refinance Your Home

Tweet Refinancing makes sense if you plan to stay in your home for the long term, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of a lower monthly payment and have more

Home Financing

Refinancing Considerations for Homeowners

With mortgage rates still flirting with historic lows, refinancing now can help you avoid higher rates later on when inflation inevitably becomes a factor. Interest rates have been held artificially low thanks to fed action, but few analysts believe that they’ll stay this low for years, perhaps for just months to come.