ideas: photo image analysis: Hanging Pot Rack

<span>photo image analysis:</span> Hanging Pot Rack

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  • What do you do if you have too many pots and pans? How about hanging them up?

    Ceiling mounted pot racks is the answer you need for organizing cookwares.

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hanging pot rack

copyright image by Pixabay

Keeping cookware accessible – what do you see in the image above?

  • Collecting an assortment of pans: over time, your kitchen can collect a lot of pans. These types include fryers, boilers, saucers, roasters and more. It becomes difficult to store these wares in limited kitchen cabinet space.
  • And within the cabinet space, it becomes a hassle to find the right pan you need without shuffling other pans around:
    INFO: types of cookwares
  • Hang them up: if your kitchen space allows, you might consider assembling a pot hanging rack attached to your ceiling or other support structure. These racks can be long (for narrow kitchens) or rectangular (for large square kitchens).
  • These pots racks fit nicely when suspended over a kitchen island:
    INFO: ceiling mounted rack |      ceiling mount w/ lights |      wall mounted rack
  • Arrange pans for stacking: you can hang large pans and small pans – so utilize the hanging space efficiently. Use different size hook lengths to hang your pans by size – with the smaller-area sized pans up high and large-area pans underneath – as illustrated in the pic:
    INFO: pot rack hooks |      pot rack extension hooks
  • Using this stacking arrangements will allow you to store a large collection of cookware and other wares for food preparation.
  • Make it accessible: the challenge you may run into is making the pans accessible – especially if your ceiling pot rack is up high. Will you be able to reach that sauce pan, for example, that is hangs higher than the large frying pan?
  • Your best option is to have a kitchen stool that can be used to reach and return hanging pots:
    INFO: step stool for kitchen use
  • Rack positioning: you need to decide where to position the pot rack. Should it hang close to where you are cooking or over where you clean up? That may be decided based on your kitchen layout. In this particular image, the rack is hanging above the clean-up area.
  • Hanging over the cleaner area would make it fast and convenient to return cookware after they have dish washed.
Final Observation:

of course not every pan or other cookware can be hung. But the extra space that has been created by removing and hanging your fryers and saucers, for example, frees up more space in the cabinet for those larger pans. It makes it easier and more accessible to retrieve the cookware piece you need for that meal tonight.

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