ideas: What To Do In the Unlikely Event of an Earthquake

What To Do In the Unlikely Event of an Earthquake

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  • Earthquakes! Not a fun event to be in. And they can strike suddenly without any warning.

    Question is what can you do to prepare for an earthquake?

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earthquake prep

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Disaster in the making …


  • Earthquakes cause some of the greatest structural damage of all natural disasters – not to mention the high loss of lives.
  • One reason is it sudden strike without any warnings.
  • Another reason is living in buildings and homes that are not earthquake proof – like you may find in many undeveloped countries.
  • But even in places where earthquakes are less common – or in places where earthquake homes and building are in use – it’s best to be prepared in the event it strikes your area.
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earthquake prep

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What do you do if …


  • Question is what do you do if an earthquake strikes?
  • If you are in your home or office, you need to stay put until after the quake has subsided.
  • Exit the building when you feel it is safe.
  • Note that many quakes have aftershocks – so continued structural damage may occur that makes it unsafe to return to the building.
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earthquake prep

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San Francisco earthquake


  • Earthquakes have been around a long time – some of the most devastating earthquakes include civilizations that were completely wiped out.
  • The San Francisco earthquake of 1906 is one of those quakes – a large quake that lasted 45-60 seconds and felt from Southern Oregon to Los Angeles.
  • But San Francisco has rebuilt with much better preparedness: INFO: San Francisco earthquakes
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After the earthquake


  • Following the earthquake and aftershocks, it’s time to check the structure of your home or building.
  • If it has significant damage, do not enter the premise – floors and walls with added weight can collapse.
  • Check your insurance policy to see if you have earthquake coverage – if no, you might want to consider it before a quake strikes.
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Earthquakes and the tsunami


  • One devastating effect of earthquakes is the potential force of a Tsunami.
  • Something that hits coastal areas and islands – even if the earthquake struck miles away.
  • The infamous Indonesia Tsunami of 2004 was the effect of an earthquake that struck from the ocean deep.
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