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No Gym? No Problem. How to Stay Fit Inside Your Home

Staying fit and keeping healthy is a part of a good life, but too often, people let their physical health slide. Life gets in the way and we neglect the most important part of our lives: ourselves.


The Ultimate Guide to Converting Your Garage into a Liveable Space

Garages don’t have to only be for cars. With more people than ever staying home, rather than going out, extra living space is a necessity! If you are looking to expand your liveable space, converting your garage is a great option.

Play/Exercise Area

Having Your Own Private Home Gym

So how do you setup your private home gym? Yes, you need the exercise machines. But also some other stuff to motivate you in the morning to exercise.

Play/Exercise Area

Exercise Area for Aerobic Floor Training

Exercise area for aerobic floor training Notes: You don’t need much to have an effective home exercise area. You simply need an area large enough to lay down some exercise mats. This area could be the attic, basement or spare room. Add some audio systems that you can exercise with. Find an exercise routine that you can regularly follow. What comments can you share? creative common image by https://www.pixabay.com view n’ shop aerobic training AMAZON: exercise floor mats (new win)

Play/Exercise Area

Home Gym With Exit to Deck with Jacuzzi

Home gym With exit to deck with jacuzzi Notes: Setting up a home gym is not difficult. The challenge is adding to your home gym those motivating factors that will get you to use your gym regularly. This particular home gym connects to a jacuzzi. Allows you to soothe the muscles after a difficult gym exercise. What comments can you share? purchased image by https://www.123rf.com view n’ shop exercise room view n’ shop jacuzzi PINTEREST: deck jacuzzi ideas (new win)