ideas: Rooftop Weathervane for Added Exterior Decor

Rooftop Weathervane for Added Exterior Decor

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rooftop weathervane overlooking coastline

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Easy way to add decor to your home – rooftop weathervane


  • Not many homes today sport a rooftop weather vane. That is unfortunate.
    A weather van can add much to the decor of the home.
  • It not only functions as exterior decor but can become a weather station for wind direction and more.
  • Simply hook your electronic weather stations to the vane and enjoy all kind of readings.
  • Likewise enjoy the movement of the vane on those blustering days.
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rooftop weathervane

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Rooster weather vane


  • A copper rooster weathervane is one of the most popular styles for roofs and barns.
  • It withstands most weather conditions and shines brightly on a sunny day.
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rooftop weathervane

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Weather vane with directional pointers


  • Weathervanes are great for barns and other outside structures – they can also be placed on poles
    in gardens and open areas.
  • Attache to the vane a weather station to predict wind speed, barometric pressure, and temperature.
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weather vane

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Weathervane acting as a lightening rod


  • Some weathervanse can also function as a lighting rod.
  • If setup correctly, the rod can take the impact of a possible lighting strike
    and direct it away from the house to the ground.
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rooftop weathervane

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Vintage German weathervane


  • Looking at an older weathervane from Germany.
  • Many of these European antiques have a saint or angel at top for protection.
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