ideas: Design a Kitchen Pantry You Can Actually Keep Organized

Design a Kitchen Pantry You Can Actually Keep Organized

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  • The kitchen pantry may be a separate room for keeping devices, dry items, kitchen supplies and more. It can even be a few shelves at the kitchen which you use to keep food or edibles which cannot be kept in a freezer or a fridge.

    To create a kitchen pantry, you can use a wall, repurpose a bookshelf, hang shelves, devote a cabinet, hung goods from upper cabinets, redesign a coat closet and more.

    Whichever way you choose, having an organized pantry helps in making it more useful and it will be easier to get items when you need them.

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design kitchen pantry

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Best pantry organizers


  • Getting the right organizers for every item is the perfect place to start from. There are a variety of storage options. There are plastic containers, glass jars, and others. Choose what suits you, consider things like home needs, pantry space and food requirements.
  • If you have canned vegetables, for instance, it is good to keep them in the cans that you bought them with. There are others that you may need to transfer to other containers. Cereals may go bad if you don’t keep their boxes closed always. But they can stay longer if you keep them in plastic containers which are closed tightly.
  • You should also consider moving items that come in oddly shaped containers to sturdy ones to save some space and make the pantry appear tidier. It is important to also label and date all items which you remove from their original containers.
    how to stock your pantry
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design kitchen pantry

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The best shelving and storage


  • The space you have is what will determine the storage and shelving you will pick. Kitchen designers recommend that if your space is narrow, open shelving will be the best. A roomier space can get by with doors.
  • The other alternative is user-friendly pull-out pantry drawers which make the normal cupboard look like a neatly-organized drawer. With this, you will be able to see items without having to move around.
  • Baskets can also be great for organizing the pantry and they are more affordable. There is also wire shelving which is cheap and allows adding height to the pantry. And even if you attach the wire shelf inside the door, you will have some additional storage room.
    kitchen storage: pull out pantry shelves

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Storing other items besides food


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Avoid heavy things which are not necessary


  • If your family is big, it is always good to buy items in bulk. But avoid buying many boxes of foods just because they are on sale. That food can rot before you even plan to eat it. Heavy containers are likely to lead to more waste of food. Also, having many cans, boxes and jars will consume valuable pantry space.
  • So, when buying in bulk, ensure to first prepare a storage area. You must also have your labels ready for all the items you will repackage.
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Provide some décor


  • Even if you have a small pantry, do not neglect it. Pantry décor also does not need to be detailed or costly. Some small touches will make searching for items in well-organized pantry more pleasant.
  • Wallpapers, for instance, can personalize the storage area and offer a nice pop of colour. And it is not a must to use the real wallpaper, there are many other options of removable wallpapers or contact paper.
  • They are easy to use and these days they come in many styles and can be changed easily. You may even consider painting at the back of the pantry.
    There are a good number of pantry ideas which you can keep organized. No matter the size or design, every type of pantry serves the same purpose which is, storing things and minimizing clutter in the kitchen.
  • Which type of pantry do you think of designing? Write to us and send us any questions that you have.

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