ideas: Decorating 101: A Beginners Guide to a Beautiful Home

Decorating 101: A Beginners Guide to a Beautiful Home

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  • At first glance, decorating your home can seem like a daunting task. However, once you have a basic plan of execution in place, you will find it easy to fill in the blanks and create your dream home.

    Here are five ways that you can create a beautiful house that you are proud to call home.

    • 1) start with the basics
    • 2) creative wall hangings
    • 3) focus on lighting
    • 4) be personal
    • 5) comfort is key

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Start with a basic style and color palette


  • Every beautiful home starts with a pleasing style and color scheme. Before you dive into the decorating process, spend some time looking at magazines, websites, and model homes to try to narrow down a specific style to build your decor around.
  • Popular choices these days are the rustic farmhouse look, modern, or contemporary.
  • Once you have a basic style in mind, you can begin deciding on a color palette. Be sure to choose colors that complement each other and that allow you some flexibility in your decor choices.
  • You do not want to limit yourself as your tastes change over time.
    14 Most Popular Interior Design Styles Explained
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decorating 101

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Get creative with wall hangings


  • What you choose to hang on your walls says a lot about your attention to detail when decorating your home. When you invite people into your home, their eyes will naturally drift to the decor that adorns the walls.
  • Do not limit yourself to just framed photographs. Be sure to use a variety of textures and dimensional hangings if your goal is to elevate the look of the room.
  • To make a true impact, consider big canvas prints. Not only are canvas prints economical, but they also allow you to get creative with a variety of pictures and photos.
  • Do not limit yourself to just framed photographs. Be sure to use a variety of textures and dimensional hangings if your goal is to elevate the look of the room.
  • You can find places that can print these larger photos for you in your area such as big canvas prints in Canada or any other canvas printing operation: search google
  • If you have a large wall to fill, consider turning it into a gallery wall. The possibilities are endless once you begin hunting for pictures, personal photos, shelving, and other decor items that will all tie together to create a collage of beauty.
    The Art of Wall Art: Modern Wall Decor Ideas and How to Hang Pictures Like a Pro
  • wall artwall canvas artwall hangings

       some wall art ideas to consider      

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decorating 101

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Focus on lighting


  • Many people give an appropriate amount of consideration to furniture, floor coverings, color schemes, and decor without paying any attention to the lighting. It is important to remember that lighting goes well beyond adding a layer of style to a room.
  • The right lighting can affect the entire look of a room, making it vital that you give this feature serious consideration.
  • Lights with a dimmer give you the ultimate versatility. Create a bright vibe with the lights at full capacity or dim them for a more intimate mood. A variety of strategically placed lamps will add a dash of style to the room while also giving you more flexibility with layering your lighting.
    8 lighting tricks interior designers use to create atmosphere
  • industrial floor lamprecessed lightingtable lamps

       some home lighting style ideas to consider      

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decorating 101

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Do not be afraid to be personal


  • Your home should be the ultimate expression of your personality. Do not be hesitant to inject your own personal sense of style into each space in your home.
  • At the end of the day, your home should be a reflection of the things that make you happy.
  • This means that you should fill the space with personal photos of the people that you love and other mementos that bring you joy. If you take pride in your home, it will be natural that it is beautiful around every corner.
  • Making sure that your home smells pleasant is also a way that you can boost the overall aesthetic while personalizing it. Seasonal scents are a fun way to customize a home and give it your own personal spin.
    5 Ways to Personalize Your Home Interior
  • portrait framesfloating framesscented candles

       some personality item ideas to consider      

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decorating 101

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Comfort is key


  • While it is understandable to want your home to look beautiful, it is also important that you make it comfortable.
  • You do not have to compromise a beautiful home just to make it cozy. Including a basket of soft blankets and pillows in your living area will add a rustic touch while also encouraging your guests to get comfortable.
  • Comfortable furniture is also key to creating an inviting home. If the room you are decorating tends to lean chilly, you may want to consider adding a large area rug to warm up the space.
  • It displays as a small decor piece that adds to your garden landscaping.

    Remember that decorating your home is a marathon and not a sprint. You do not have to do everything at once. Focusing on one room at a time will ensure that each area gets the attention that it deserves.

  • decorative sofa pillowsdecorative sofa throwslarge area rug

       some softer decor ideas to consider      

  • What comments can you share about
    your interior home styling elements

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