ideas: topic analysis: A Beginner’s Guide to Replacing Your Kitchen Sink

<span>topic analysis:</span>  A Beginner’s Guide to Replacing Your Kitchen Sink

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  • Replacing a kitchen sink might seem like a major undertaking, but that project can actually be quite simple.

    As long as you plan ahead and carry out a little bit of research, you can rest assured that your new sink is going to be installed and working perfectly before you know it. Here are a few things you should know about replacing your kitchen sink.

    • 1) double-check the dimensions
    • 2) locate your water main shutoff valve
    • 3) clear the lines
    • 4) properly seal new sink
    • 5) don't forget the kitchen faucet

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replacing your kitchen sink

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Double-check the dimensions


  • While many pre-cut sinks have similar dimensions, you should double-check the size of your sink’s opening well before you order any new parts.
  • That includes the overall length and width of the sink as well as how deep the basin goes. If you order the wrong size, then you should hire a plumbing contractor who can make adjustments to the plumbing lines.
    7 Easy Steps to Measure Kitchen Sink
    • this kitchen style is known as an undermount sink – a sink that has been mounted under the counter surface
    • these type sinks require a bit more work for installation – you might need a professional
    • the key features of an undermount is that they look good and for easy counter cleanup
    • note the sliding down prep area – a perfect spot for food preparation or draining dishes where excess water slides down into the sink
    • any other ideas ___________?
  •    some undermount sinks to consider      

    undermount kitchen sinksdouble bowl undermountsingle handle kitchen faucet

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replacing your kitchen sink

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Locate your water main shutoff valve


  • No one wants to get into a major plumbing project only to crack a seal or bend a water line. Well before you decide to tackle this plumbing project, you should make sure that you have located and turned off your home’s main shutoff valve.
  • In most housing tracts, that valve is located under a metal plate out near the street, but that isn’t the case for every home. If your home has a well, then the primary shutoff valve could be located at the pump line.
    Finding the Main Water Shutoff Valve
    • the kitchen sink style above is known as a drop-in kitchen sink (or above the mount kitchen sink). The lip of the sink is mounted over the countertop.
    • this is a sink bowl with a side drain and food prep area – with a slight angle for draining
    • modern styled sink with a modern styled faucet
    • these single bowl sinks are becoming more popular especially with the daily use of dishwashers – no need for double kitchen sink for washing and rinsing dishes.
    • any other ideas ___________?
  •    some drop-in kitchen sinks to consider      

    single drop-in kitchen sinksdouble bowl drop-in sinksmodern kraus kitchen faucets

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replacing your kitchen sink

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Clear the lines


  • After your water shutoff valve has been turned off, you will need to bleed the lines. Even with the water completely off, there could still be quite a bit of pressure in the pipes, and that might result in a serious mess.
  • To bleed the lines, all you have to do is turn the hot and cold water valves on and then turn the faucet on for a few seconds. Once you are done, the hot and cold water valves need to be completely turned off.
    How to Bleed Pipes to Remove Trapped Air
    • perhaps you want something that is a bit more rustic – that is when you need to look into farmhouse-styled kitchen sinks
    • farmhouse sinks has the apron of the sink stinking out giving you that bigger look
    • farmhouse styled sinks are generally bigger and wider – big enough to prepare a whole turkey or wash-up the baby
    • many of these styled sinks are becoming more modern looking and are perfect for farmhouse, industrial, and cabin styled kitchens
    • any other ideas ___________?
  •    some farmhouse styled sinks to consider      

    farmhouse kitchen sinkmodern farmhouse sinkrustic kitchen faucet

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replacing your kitchen sink

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Properly seal the new sink


  • Most sinks come with universal brackets that allow you to attach them to the counter. While those brackets should be very sturdy, you will also need to seal the sink with a silicone caulk bead.
  • That bead is going to prevent moisture from getting under the sink whenever water gets on the counter. If you notice any moisture under the sink, then you will need to contact a plumbing contractor to check on the bead as well as all of the gaskets.
    How to Seal Kitchen Sink Edges | How to Use Caulking Tape
    • simple food prep sink – exclusively used for rinsing and food preparation
    • food prep sinks are very popular for kitchen islands where a much larger sink is found against the kitchen wall
    • you will find food prep sinks close to the cooking station where the preparing and prep food prior to cooking or serving
    • food prep sinks are generally one bowl – but some large kitchen island may have a dual bowl utility and washing sink
    • any other ideas ___________?
  •    some kitchen utility needs to consider      

    kitchen food prep sinkkitchen sink food strainerkitchen dish drainer

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fifth and last “photo remodeling” idea

replacing your kitchen sink

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Don’t forget the kitchen faucet


  • After you have measured and replaced your old kitchen sink that has been properly fitted, you next step is finding the right kitchen faucet. We illustrated above the many types of kitchen faucets. Any style will do.
  • Just remember to measure for a faucet that is high enough so that you can easily fit large stock pot or other in the sink for filling and cleaning.

    After you are done replacing your sink, you might want to consider installing a moisture sensor. One of those devices could save you quite a bit of money by telling you if any of the joints or pipes happen to be leaking or damaged.

    • another look of an undermount kitchen sink
    • note how easy it is to wipe down the countertop by sweeping food item right into the sink
    • dual faucets – one for cleaning with a pull-out spray – the other for simply filling the sink
    • you can find electronically controlled faucets that turn on with the simple wave of your hand
    • any other ideas ___________?
  •    some kitchen faucet ideas to consider      

    electronic motion kitchen faucetmodern faucet with sprayermodern jointed faucet

  • What comments can you share about
    the style sink you have for your kitchen

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