How to Install a Kitchen Sink

How to Install a Kitchen Sink
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    If your kitchen could use a sprucing up, a logical place to start is with the kitchen sink.

    Sinks tend to get a lot of use, accumulating much grime and losing its sheen quicker than, say, your counter tops, floors and cabinet faces.


A simple project for the weekend home improvement guy or gal.

Saturday Project

Replacing a kitchen sink is a fairly straightforward process, a job that you can complete on a Saturday morning. Choose a cast iron or granite sink and you’ll need some help with the installation, otherwise most other sink types you can handle by yourself.

Before you can install a new sink, you’ll need to remove the current one.

First, you need to turn off all water and supply lines to the sink, including the disposal. Disconnect each connection, water and electrical both. Second, underneath the sink, you will find clips holding the sink in place along the rim. Use a socket wrench or a screwdriver to loosen the clips. Third, once you have confirmed that the sink is separated from its previous connections, lift the sink from its place. Clean around the countertop area before installing a new sink.

Sink Dimensions

With the new sink, you will want to confirm that its measurements fit the countertop cutout precisely. If the sink is smaller than the one it will replace, you will need to replace the counter. But, if it is larger you may be able to enlarge the cutout accordingly. Clearly, having a precise match will save you much time and possibly keep you from getting a headache.

When you are ready to install a frameless new sink, first flip it upside down and apply a bead of silicone caulk or plumber’s putty around the perimeter and along the sink flange edge. Then, turn it right side up and carefully position it in the countertop cut out. Hold onto the drain openings as you gradually lower the new sink into its place. Press your hands around the perimeter of the sink to tighten the seal, then remove any excess caulk.

Once the sink has been sealed, then you can reconnect the water supply and the disposal. Turn the water back on and try the disposal to see if it is connected.

Framed Sink

Please note, that if you’re installing a framed kitchen sink, you’ll need to bend the frame tabs out to hold the sink in place. You will then need to place hook mounting clips every 6 inches around the frame while working underneath the countertop. Once you have tightened the screws and removed the excess caulk, you are ready to connect the plumbing and the disposal.

A basic double-bowl stainless steel will cost you about $100 with an all-in-one unit that includes a faucet, costing from $250. Cost iron sinks run from $250 with a granite sink running for about twice that much. In all, you will come away with a “fresh look” kitchen, a mini renovation that can transform your sink area quickly without busting your budget.

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