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Ideas for Your Attic Conversion

Tweet If you are seeking a quick home sale it’s important to make your home stand out from the rest in the area and adding extra space inside can give

Kitchen and Dining

5 DIY Money Saving Kitchen Improvement Tricks

Tweet By Alex Levin Here are 5 cost friendly do-it-yourself tips and tricks for minor kitchen improvements. 1. Cabinet Noise Softener – Cork it:  While plenty of newer appliances have

Kitchen and Dining

Kitchen Details – Door Knobs and Handles

Tweet While the selection of your door knobs and handles are unlikely to be your primary concern when decorating your kitchen, it is finishing touches like these that can make

Bed and Bath

6 Bathroom Updates on a Budget

Tweet [blockquote style=”1″] Refresh your bathroom this weekend! [/blockquote] With you and your spouse working side by side, you can update your bathroom in a weekend and enjoy your refreshed

Kitchen and Dining

Apartment Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Tweet Working with a small kitchen area. If you own or rent an apartment or condominium, you may have a kitchen that is small, with a minimal work area and

Bed and Bath

Bathroom Remodeling to Universal Design

Tweet Simple tasks become more difficult. And it is not just aging that creates these problems: chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and Multiple Sclerosis can leave us with

Kitchen and Dining

Install a Kitchen Island and Increase Home Resale Value

Remodeling your kitchen can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor, however there are some shortcuts to increase home value and minimize labor. Kitchen islands are becoming the norm for spec homes and renovated kitchens, so you don’t want to be left behind when it comes time to put your own house on the market.

Bed and Bath

Top 5 DIY Bathroom Tips

Tweet By Alex Levin But have no fear; we have solid do-it-yourself design tips to make your latest bathroom renovation go smoothly, while remaining on budget. (1) Research, Sketch, Design,

Bed and Bath

Don’t Waste On The Flush – New Toilet Technologies

Tweet   By Randy Baldwin, Licensed Master Plumber in Northern Virginia The invention of the flushing toilet proved to be a sanitary, all-weather solution to the universal problem of personal


Air Ventilation

Tweet For those of us with dust and mold-related allergies, these situations can be agonizing and embarrassing.  Even for those without such sensitivities, a poorly ventilated area is immediately detectable.


Art Studio Room in the Attic

Tweet What To Do with Your Attic Space The attic is a largely neglected space. The majority of homeowners fill their attics with junk that can either be tossed or


Design Ideas for an Unfinished Basement

Tweet There are many designs that would turn your unfinished basement into a new and exciting room in your house. A “Real” Entertainment Room Do you enjoy going to the

Bed and Bath

How to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger Without Changing its Footprint

Tweet In this market, homeowners may not be willing to invest huge sums of money in a room they use less frequently than a kitchen or bedroom. A bathroom renovation

Bed and Bath

MOEN SaturDIY Makeovers

Update your bathroom or kitchen in about a day for around a thousand dollars.

Watch interior designer and DIY consultant, Martin Amado, show these homeowners how a remodel lite project can refresh a room without breaking a budget or wasting a weekend.

Home Interior

Planning a Home Improvement Project for the Upcoming Spring Season

Tweet Even though the weather is still dreary and cold, it’s never too soon to start thinking about spring. If you want your home to be fresh and colorful when

Bed and Bath

Master Bedroom Renovation Ideas

Tweet By pushing out a wall, you can expand the footprint of your master bedroom, to encompass all or part of an adjoining room. Such a renovation may require the

Rec Room

Counting the Cost of Basement Conversion

Tweet One area of the home just ripe for conversion is the basement or what some people call the “cellar,” especially if it is unfinished. If you have a basement,


How to Make a Den

Tweet One of the more affordable projects is making a den. After all, if you have a spare bedroom, then that room can be repurposed to become a den, right?

Kitchen and Dining

How to Renovate Your Kitchen on a Budget

Tweet Given that most people don’t have the luxury of spending $50,000 or more on a complete kitchen overhaul, the following are some budget-minded renovations for today’s homeowners: Use light

Kitchen and Dining

Kitchen Touch Up or Major Renovation?

Tweet Homeowners planning to improve their houses will often consider making changes to the kitchen. After all, in today’s culture kitchens are the heartbeat of the home, where Americans prepare