The Man Cave: How to Effectively Set up Your New Home Entertainment System

The Man Cave: How to Effectively Set up Your New Home Entertainment System
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    So, it's that time.

    You have your brand new entertainment system and enough excitement to keep you up for days, and an immediate need to get it all setup.


This is certainly an awesome time but is also one in which a quick and shoddy setup can lead to disappointment and a set of system capabilities that just can’t be reached.

As much as you are excited, the best thing you can do at this point is take a deep breathe, get out those instructions, and follow along carefully. Doing so will ensure the very best potential outcome in your setup and maximum enjoyment when it comes time to use your new system. Beyond this most obvious step however, there are a number of other factors that you may wish to consider in setting up your system. Here are some often overlooked concepts to keep in mind so that in the end, you get the best and most effective setup possible.

Seating is King

In the room where the system will go, consider seating beyond most all other considerations. Whether it’s for an audience of one or 100, build the system to maximize the experience for those seated in audience here. Considerations along this line include seat angles, television angle and height, speaker positions, and system controlability. Where you sit will help optimize your entertainment no matter what you are watching.

Consider Sound

Another big consideration is the sound quality. You want it to be as crisp and clear as much as possible. Your manufacturer’s installation guide is paramount here. Additional considerations, though, are those of sound transfer – dampening and boosting. In shared wall setups, perhaps sound dampening materials should be considered now. On the other hand, if more sound is desired, consider additional amplification hardware or even room features that will help move along the sound or create the exact signature you’re after.

Cord Control

Then there is the all-affecting matter of cord control. No one likes to deal with a spaghetti-style mess of cords, but many of us are in too much of a hurry to get setup to care for these details. Do yourself a huge favor and tend to your cords before finishing up the installation. Ethernet lines, plugs and wires, speaker wires – organize the mess with zip ties, rubber bands, twist-ties, or even professional cable control products. If you break or need different cords, you can find them at companies like Americord.

Test, Fine-Tune

A quality installation ends only after some testing and fine-tuning has taken place. Try sitting in all of your seating, run movies and sound, loud and soft. At this time you will quickly find undesirable factors such as unwanted vibrations, view and sound blockages, loose cords, and more. Fix these now for the best experience later.

There can be a lot involved with setting up that new home entertainment system. If you can just cull the excitement until you’ve finished up here, you will be good to go for an awesome experience. Follow your installation instructions, consider these-oft-overlooked factors, and enjoy your now officially awesome man-cave.

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