How To Make Your Backyard More Bird Friendly

How To Make Your Backyard More Bird Friendly
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    Make your backyard more bird friendly by building and creating the ultimate avian sanctuary.

    If you enjoy watching birds and identifying each species, you won’t want to miss our tips.


With a conscious effort, you can make your yard friendlier toward wildlife.

Avoid Pesticides and Insecticides

You may be attracting birds to your yard, but are you making the environment friendly for them to stick around and build a home there? Don’t use pesticides in your yard and garden, or else you risk the birds ingesting the toxic chemicals, possibly resulting in death.

Furthermore, birds feed off insects, and if you kill the bugs with insecticides, you’re depleting the birds’ food source.



Grow Plants With Berries, Flowers, and Seeds

Besides insects, birds will also feast on berries, flowers, and seeds. If you have a garden, plant a portion specifically for the birds.

We suggest sticking to native plants because they’ll grow better in the climate in which you live.

Plant Tall Trees

To keep your yard as natural as possible, plant tall trees near the corners and back end of the property line. This gives your avian friends natural places to build their homes.

You can install bird homes around the yard, but trees provide the creatures with an extra layer of protection from weather and predators.

Remove Invasive Plants

Make your backyard more bird friendly by keeping an eye on the weeds and other plants that naturally grow there. Non-native invasive plants can take over your yard, destroy the native plants you added to your garden, and ruin your bird sanctuary.

If you notice an invasive species of plants, remove it as quickly as possible before it can spread to other areas of your yard.

home improvement ideas to consider (new win):

Conceal Windows

Glass windows and doors can disorient birds, who often die when they fly into windows they couldn’t see. Bird tape, nets, or stickers are great options to cover your windows to prevent birds from striking the glass.

If you love bird-watching, consider turning your backyard into the perfect bird sanctuary. Many species will come to you, but if you want to attract a specific bird species, make sure you’re putting out the right kind of feed.

What will you do with your yard to create a bird habitat?

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