ideas: Building a Bird Paradise In Your Backyard

Building a Bird Paradise In Your Backyard

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  • Imaging having a bird paradise in your backyard.

    Hearing the bird songs - viewing the different colors - and identifying birds of all types. It makes for fun entertainment for everyone in the family.

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bird paradise

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Please visit our backyard…


  • This is a request from nature lovers who welcome all kinds of birds to their backyard.
  • Song birds (thrushes, robins) – colorful birds (cardinals, blue jays, finches) – birds of prey (owls, bats) – and birds that makes certain noices (woodpeckers).
  • But first – you need to make a bird paradise with bird houses, feeders, baths and more:
    VIEW: bird supplies from Duncraft Wild Bird
  • But we suggest to find creative items that fit nicely with you backyard landscape.
  • What comments can you share?

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bird paradise

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Bird feeder house


  • Here is an example of a creative combined house birdfeeder.
  • It functions nicely providing food for your favorite birds and it look great as a yard decor piece:
    VIEW: house feeder
  • The house feeder hangs from a metal crook to prevent squirrels from invading your house:
    VIEW: metal shephard’s crook
  • What comments can you share?

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bird paradise

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Making sure they like what you offer


  • To get the birds you want, you must have the right seed:
    INFO: quick guide seed types
  • Your feeder must high enough so that the birds feel save; and it must be protected from predators such as squirrels.
  • Make it large enough for perching, resting and partaking of their favorite seed.
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bird paradise

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Need to wash up


  • Along with a “bird” kitchen, why not give a “bird” bathroom as well.
  • That will invite even more birds into your backyard.
  • Select a decorative bird bath that would be a nice addition to your garden:
    VIEW: decorative bird baths
  • What comments can you share?

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bird paradise

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And then there is the hummingbird


  • Hummingbirds are fun to watch – as they hover miraculously to sip a drink.
  • That is the purpose of a bird paradise – making your backyard bird friendly with an invitation to song, color and nature.
  • What comments can you share?

VIEW: hummingbird feeder (new win)
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