The Different Options for Foundation Repair

The Different Options for Foundation Repair
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    If you encounter a failing foundation at your forever home, don’t panic.

    Few projects require a full foundation replacement, and you have several foundation repair methods available to you that won’t disturb your home or your neighbors.


Before you settle on one way to fix it, learn about some different options for foundation repair to see if there are any sturdier, easier, and less expensive choices.

Push Piers

Push piers utilize physics to support heavier buildings and raise their foundations. The foundation repair team will use a hydraulic ram to push the heavy sections of tubing into the earth and add sections to drive it deeper.

Once the push pier can’t go any further into the ground, the team moves onto the next pier and installs it the same way.

With all the piers installed, they use a hydraulic jack to push the building up and fix the foundation.

If the building is too light, push piers may further damage the foundation rather than fix it.

Helical Piers

While push piers are sections, helical piers are carefully engineered steel screws that your repair team will install one at a time. Installation is fast and relatively quiet.

All your team needs to install them is a hydraulic helical drive attachment on a miniature excavator or skid steer. You can also try handheld installation tools for interior projects.

Because engineers can calculate the correct placement and the length of the piers necessary to reach solid rock beneath the building, the process requires no guesswork. This makes helical piers a far more efficient option than push piers if you’re torn between the two.

You can also install helical piers in poor soil conditions near bodies of water—or even in bodies of water—and shifting, dusty soil.

Concrete Piers

The most archaic, but still common, form of foundation repair is the use of concrete piers to stabilize buildings. This long, arduous process requires excavation and concrete pouring—both of which are noisy.

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The high price point of concrete piers doesn’t match their quality; a long, steel foundation support will last longer and allow you to remove it for recycling or reusing. Concrete piers must stay in one place once you’ve installed them.

You can use concrete piers for smaller projects, such as patio repairs in good soil conditions. Concrete may not set correctly if poured into poor soil conditions.

When Is Foundation Replacement Necessary?

If no other choice remains on your list of the different options for foundation repair, you may need to consider replacing the foundation piece by piece. Foundation replacement is only necessary when there’s no foundation left to support.


You may notice a severely damaged foundation if it has the following qualities:

  • Many cracks, crumbles, and leveling issues
  • Uneven pour
  • Poor materials
  • There is no foundation
  • Hollow spots
  • Damage to the home that would endanger it during a repair

Always try to look for ways to repair a foundation before turning to foundation replacement.

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