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Home Improvements

5 Ways to Know If Buyers Think Your Home Looks Outdated

If you are like most home owners, you never quite know when you will end up wanting or needing to sell your property.

Home Automation

5 Upgrades to Turn Your House Into a Smart Home

Everyone these days has a smart phone. However, do you have a smart home?

Weekly Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Dec 09: Renovating Your Own House? 4 Tips to Get You Started

When it comes time to renovate your home, you certainly know some of the best tricks for saving money.


Stuck in the Garage Again? 5 Essential Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Tweet A maintenance checklist posted in the garage and seasonal or monthly reminders written on your appointment calendar can assure that you regularly examine various features of your garage door.

Just Bath

Boring Bathroom? A Short Guide to a Restroom Renovation

Tweet You’ve decided to spruce up the restroom a bit. Renovating a restroom is a big task, but the following guide should help you get through it without any hiccups.

Lawn Care

Off-Season Care: How to Get Your Lawn Ready for Winter

Tweet You may choose to let nature take care of itself, but preparations now will improve your chances of having a lush, green lawn in the spring. That could mean

Home Buying-Home Selling

The Business of Buying: 4 Steps to Take before Flipping Your First House

Tweet Educate Yourself on the Process There is more to house flipping than merely having willpower. You need to learn how the process works and the math involved. You can

Window Treatments

Window Wonders: A Short Guide to Window Treatment

Tweet Consider these types of window treatments in your home. Window Blinds Window blinds made of durable vinyl or lightweight metal are extremely popular because the items are affordable and

Renovation Designs

A Luxurious Lifestyle: 4 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Vacation Spot

Tweet It should be your favorite place to spend your free time. Why take an expensive trip when you could love the home you already have? Try these tips to

Exterior Home

4 Less-Common House Problems and How to Handle Them

Tweet There are a number of problems that you may never even notice until it’s too late. Here are four unusual but serious issues you should check. contractor evaluation sheet

Outdoor Structures

Craft Rooms and Carports: 5 Tips for Your Next Home Addition

Tweet There are some specific room additions with a purpose, such as a garage for the car or a craft room. Before you get started on your new addition, there

Home Renovation

Decking out Your Dream House: 4 Home Additions for Your Next Remodel

Tweet But there’s no reason you can’t focus on a few key projects that get you a lot closer to your dream home. Here are four remodels that can transform

Home Interior

Thrifty Updates: 4 Renovations That Will Save You Money

Tweet In fact, many homeowners are looking to renovate their homes just like you. The difference is the way a homeowner chooses to renovate his or her home. You can

Lawn Care

Lawn Care 101: 4 Ways To Make Your Yard Summer-Ready

Tweet Whether your kids are playing in the sprinklers or you’re hosting a barbecue, it’s important that the grass thrives once the temperatures begin to rise. If you want to


Having Your Yard Landscaped? How To Relieve The Stress

Tweet The problem is your landscaping is not done yet, and this transitional period might be stressful. The following are a few tips to help you get started and relieve

General News

How To Make Your Home More Modern On A Budget

Tweet Even though they may take some effort, they’ll pay for themselves by increasing the enjoyment you have at home. Paint Few home improvements make as big a difference for

Outdoor Structures

Updating Your Yard: 5 Tips For Making It As Good As New

Tweet With artistic creativity, developing a fresh concept will transcend your ordinary yard into an amazing new space offering an inviting atmospheric beauty you and your home deserves. “Infusing Texture


Spring Is On It’s Way: 4 Tips For Prepping Your Yard For A Summer Of Dreams

Tweet If you really want your home and yard to be perfect and prepared for summer all you have to do is put in some extra effort. With spring and

Just Bath

Bathroom Remodel: 5 Renovations You Just Can’t Miss

Tweet However, it is definitely well worth all of the hard work. Looking at the latest trends, there are a few renovations that you don’t want to miss out on

Exterior Home

Home Improvement: 4 Tips For Stepping Up Your Game In Your Neighborhood

Tweet Living in a beautiful home space not only provides security, but peace of mind. Let’s take a closer look into some great home improvement moves your neighborhood will love.