7 Important Tools You Will Need For a Home Renovation

7 Important Tools You Will Need For a Home Renovation
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    Home renovations are no easy feat—especially if it's your first time attempting one.

    While there are many tools you need to successfully renovate your home, a few are absolute must-haves.


Without these tools, you may be putting yourself in harm’s way, causing unnecessary damage to your home, or even delaying the completion of your project.

Essential Tools for Home Renovation

To complete any home renovation efficiently and safely, make sure you have the right set of tools to get the job done. Try these seven tools to help you succeed in your upcoming improvement projects.

  • 1. Finding the Right Tape Measure

  • A tape measure is an essential tool for home renovations. It allows you to accurately measure room dimensions, determine stud placement, make sure your drywall will fit between joists and more.
  • You’ll also need one if you’re taking measurements for other renovation projects around your house—like building a deck or installing gutters. However, not all tape measures are made the same.
  • Be careful to not accidentally purchase an engineering tape measure as it will not be beneficial for home renovation.
  • 2. Cross Peen Hammer

  • A hammer is another important tool to use for tapping, pulling, and building things. There are many different types of hammers such as the ball-peen hammer, claw hammer, cross-peen hammer, and straight claw hammer.
  • For home renovation projects, you should use a cross-peen hammer which is often called a carpenter’s or builder’s hammer. This type of hammer is used to drive nails into wood surfaces and remove nails from them as well.
  • 3. Screwdriver Set and Drill Bits

  • When it comes to construction, a screwdriver set is a must-have. From a Phillips to a flat head, the screwdriver is one tool you’ll use during every phase of the renovation. As you get the proper screwdriver set, don’t forget extra add-ons.
  • For example, having an adjustable bit driver helps with tight spaces. A rubberized grip can also help keep your hands from slipping when you get sweaty from working on a hot day. Add power bits for drills to your screwdriver set to save yourself time by driving screws without too much effort on your part.

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  • 4. Pneumatic Impact Wrench

  • Pneumatic impact wrenches are very useful tools for anyone working on a renovation project. This tool is generally used to remove bolts and screws that have been improperly installed or that have simply rusted and become difficult to remove.
  • This tool works via an air compressor driving a hollow hammerhead against a bolt in order to loosen it from its location. This will help you achieve lots of torque without worrying about injury, as you do not come into contact with moving parts when using it.
  • 5. Safety Goggles

  • The kind of goggles you’ll need for a job like woodworking or painting depends on what material you’re using. For example, when using metal, fiberglass, or plastic, a regular pair of goggles won’t cut it as they can crack and possibly fly off your face when struck by a small particle.
  • Consider using venting goggles to protect from chemicals and dust in industrial settings for more extensive renovations.
  • 6. Pliers

  • If you don’t have apair of pliers, you should get a pair for your renovation needs. With pliers, you can grasp and hold bolts, nuts, and other small items that would otherwise be difficult to hold onto. Pliers also double as a good wire cutter.
  • If you plan on doing any electrical work or repairs in general, pick up a set of standard-sized pliers from your local hardware store. Needle nose pliers have an even finer grip and they’re best for working with smaller wires and circuit boards.


  • 7. Ladder

  • It’s also good to have a sturdy ladder if you’re planning on doing any sort of remodeling. The right ladder can be used for anything from painting to hanging new lights and fixtures.
  • While a step ladder may work for certain projects, you may need to get an additional ladder if you’re planning any extensive remodeling. Make sure to get an extendable ladder if you plan to work on any projects outside.
  • If you need to go up high, make sure that someone is with you. In the United States, there are a reported 164,000 ladder-related injuries every year.
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If you’re going to start a home renovation project, it’s important to have the right tools at your disposal. Keep this guide in mind as you learn about the best tools to have on hand before beginning any sort of home renovation project.

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