Sunday Morning Tip for Oct 24: How Can We Prevent And Respond To Bushfires

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for Oct 24:</span> How Can We Prevent And Respond To Bushfires
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    Bush fires can be really dangerous, being one of the most common causes of fire outbreaks in the world.

    Bush fires come in different forms which are grass fire, forest fire, and scrub fire.


Whatever form it takes, bush fires can be fatal leading to loss of lives and properties. This is why it is important to practice safety and prevention tips.

This article discusses the best safety and prevention tips to follow in order to avoid bush fires.

What Causes Bush Fires?

Bush fires can occur naturally or be caused by human action. Lightning strikes can be a natural cause of bush fires. A cigarette butt that is not blown can also result in a bush fire.

It should be noted that the weather condition plays a big role in the break out of bush fires. While bush fires, can break out at any time of the year, it is more likely to occur in dry weather.

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      some fire prevention ideas to consider      

Certain factors influence the break-out of bush fires in dry weather. Some of them are:

  • Low humidity
  • High temperatures
  • Dry vegetation
  • Lack of rain.

Best Safety and Prevention Tips

  • Maintain The Vegetation:

    During the hot and dry season, it is crucial to modify your vegetation and keep it low. Having long grass on your property comes with great risk, as it adds to the spreading of fire.

    Make sure to trim the shrubs around your house, taking care of both the front and the back. Doing this will not take more than a few hours, but it will save you and your family from dealing with the risk of bush fires

  • Remove Fine Fuels:

    Fine fuels refers to vegetation that are less than 6mm in diameter. They might take the form of leaf litter, shrubs, grass or even fallen bark.

    These vegetation are referred to as fine fuels, as they provide a bush fire with material to keep burning. It is important to remove fine fuels from around the house, and dispose of them properly.

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  • Clean Gutters:

    Shrubs, grass, leaf litter and fallen tree barks usually fall into gutters. As such, it is important that you clean your gutters always, particularly during the dry seasons.

    Also be sure to avoid clutter around the home. Store items like toys and furniture properly. You can also put in place efficient household equipment like bushfire windows. This keeps smoke from entering the home in the case of a fire outbreak.

  • Break Ladders:

    Ladders here do not refer to  the household item that we use to fix bulbs and other things around the home. A ladder when it comes to vegetation discourse refers to any vegetation that is high enough to allow a fire climb.

    Ladders could be dead vegetation or even ones that are still alive. Take your time to cut branches that measure more than two meters. Also, remove branches that hang over buildings, as they act as ladders in the case of fire outbreak.


Maintaining the vegetation around your home, removing fine fuels and breaking ladders, as well as cleaning gutters will help to prevent bushfires, thereby keeping you and your family safe.

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