Top 4 Attic Safety Tips

Top 4 Attic Safety Tips
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    Maybe you don't go to the attic that often, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't worry if it's a safe place for everyone in the household.


Accidents and injuries happen when you least expect it, and sometimes, it can involve having someone badly hurt because there are no preventive measures in place in your roof space. So, it’s better to be prepared and make sure your attic is safe to access any time of the day.

Attics often go unnoticed in most households, but if you think about it, you might realize that it also deserves attention and safety planning. Doing so will ensure that there’ll be no problem should you decide to go up in the loft to check on something or make some minor improvements.

Here are some of the top tips you can use to ensure or increase the safety of your attic:

1. Make Sure The Ladder Is In Good Condition

Most attics come with a ladder, and if yours already have one, make sure it’s in good working condition all the time.

Even when you don’t always access the attic, it’ll make you feel safer knowing that you won’t be pulling down a ladder that’s not likely to break apart or fall on your face.

If you think the ladder you have is already several years or decades old, it might be time to think of replacing it.

How to install an attic ladder is something every attic owner should be curious about. If you don’t know how to, ladder kits sometimes come with complete installation services, so make sure you ask about that option if you’re worried about how you’ll go about installing it.

On the flip side, you can also watch video tutorials on ladder installation if you’re up for the challenge.

2. Don’t Store Flammable Items

As mentioned, it’s normal to have the urge to dump anything on the attic. Knowing that you have a storage area at home isn’t always a good thing because you tend not to mind what you’re putting there. A good example would be flammable items that can be extremely dangerous when stored incorrectly.

Volatile solvents like kerosene, gasoline, paint, propane, and turpentine are flammable and shouldn’t be stored in the attic. Since you can’t monitor who accesses the storage area 24/7, you’ll never know if any of your children decide to go up there and play around. It’s scary even to imagine what could happen with all those flammable items that could cause a fire when triggered.

3. Install Adequate Lighting

You may think that attics are always supposed to look dark and somewhat scary. It shouldn’t be the case, and it’s up to you to change this perception. What you can do is make sure there’s enough lighting in the room, so it’ll make everything look brighter and nicer any time of the day.

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A well-lit attic also helps you quickly spot any problems such as pests, water damage, and other issues that may not be easily visible if there’s no ample lighting.

If you’ve converted the attic into a storage area, installing light fixtures can go a long way in ensuring you avoid tripping or stepping on something that you can’t see, particularly at night. The illumination can also significantly help when you’re working on organizing your storage and other stuff in the roof space.

4. Declutter Regularly

Dumping unused or old stuff in the attic is a common practice in most households, and it’s not surprising if you’re doing the same, too. However, you need to consider that you’re accumulating excessive clutter in the space, and that could make it unsafe for people accessing it.

Things like pails of paints, old batteries, piles of clothes that may already have turned into a thriving spot for molds and dust, and furniture that may have broken parts can all be a disaster waiting to happen.


Decluttering the attic can help avoid potential problems and possible accidents. You’ll know when a furniture piece is already salvageable, and you could dispose of it accordingly.

That lessens the chance of you or another family member tripping on a broken leg of an old dining chair. The same goes for other stuff that’s no longer needed and may only do more damage than benefits.

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Wrapping It Up

It’s a good household practice to ensure the safety of your attic. While there’s no way of telling when an accident can occur, you can do something to minimize or prevent the possibility of it happening because you don’t have attic safety precautions in place.

Having a working ladder in good condition is an excellent measure to take. You also need to have adequate lighting in the room. Take time to declutter regularly and be mindful of what you store in the attic, so you don’t cause unnecessary and potentially harmful incidents.

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