How To Prepare For Siding Replacement

How To Prepare For Siding Replacement
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    Siding replacement is essential in keeping the excellent condition of a house.

    Sometimes, it's the only way to brighten the exterior walls and put new siding on places where they have fallen off from the wall clads.


In some cases, siding replacement resolves sidings damaged by natural wear and tear. Other damages it can solve come from overexposure to elements, such as snow, rain, and heat.

If sidings aren’t replaced, there’s a tendency of water seeping into the roof and walls, paving the way for further damages. In addition, non-replacement would affect the other sidings. Because of these troubles, homeowners should include this type of repair in their maintenance checklist.

Yet, before the siding replacement, the house should be ready for the work. For that purpose, homeowners should do their part in preparation. To know what to do, here’s an article that talks about the possible ways to prepare for siding replacement.  

Make The Lawn Obstacle-Free

Before professional siding installers work on the replacement, ensure that the lawn and nearby spaces are free from obstacles. It’s to ensure that workers can freely move, climb, and set up their tools and equipment for their work. This way, they will have lesser time to prepare and can jump in immediately to installing new sidings.

In addition, this prevents workers from tripping and bumping into obstacles that may injure them. Suppose you want to know more about the processes of professional siding installation and repairs. In that case, you may start to visit website or go to companies providing siding installation services.

Prune Trees And Shrubs

One way to prepare for the siding replacement is to trim the trees and shrubbery near the sidings. The branches and leaves generally prevent the workers from sawing, nailing, and stapling the siding materials.

For the installers to do their jobs properly, remove whatever hinders their way and movement. It’ll speed up the replacement as well as reduce the risks in working.

Remove Wall Displays

Working on the sidings may trigger vibrations that could result in the falling of objects mounted on walls inside the house. To prevent these items from getting chipped or broken, remove them before the work starts.

You may temporarily place them in boxes, or store them in another room far from the replacement area.

Cut Off The Exterior Power

Shut off the electrical component before the installation starts. If your house has a circuit breaker, you may turn off the panel covering the replacement area.

If your home uses a traditional fuse box, flip it down, even when it means the entire house will lose its electricity. This way, you’ll be assured no live wire or connection could cause electrocution or other related problems.

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Remove Anything In The Space Below The Working Area

No matter how well you keep a safety net to prevent debris from falling on anyone and anything below the workspace, some debris could still roll into the net, injure people, and crash on objects below.

To prevent this from happening, cordon off the area or re-route the pathways where people typically pass through. This way, there’s lesser contact between the people below and the workers in charge of the replacement of sidings materials.

Keep Your Driveway Accessible

The driveway plays a vital role as an access point to vehicles that bring construction materials or remove debris. Because of this, the driveway should be free from any obstacle. It includes the cars and other objects that may be parked in these spaces.

Prepare The Bins

Siding replacement typically produces lots of scraps from construction materials. Setting up the trash bins for the debris and dirt helps clean before, during, and after the siding installation.


Establish A Proactive Communication

Establishing excellent communication between the homeowners and installers is necessary to set up a smooth working relationship. This way, the workers could forward heads-up and other reminders to prevent homeowners and their children from entering spaces where debris might fall.

Wrapping Up

Replacement is necessary to avoid serious wall and roof damages, leaks, and other troubles associated with damaged sidings. In this process, homeowners should ensure they’ll maintain the sidings and wall cladding condition. Apart from this, installing new sidings adds value to an old house.

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Although you could work on siding replacement on your own provided you have the skills and tools, many still recommend hiring a professional to have the utmost quality. Suppose you’re preparing for a siding replacement at your home. In that case, you’ll need to re-think whether you’ll do it on your own or ask a professional to install it.

Doing so will remind you of what to think of and prepare for before the siding replacement takes place. Think about the tips you read on this article before you go to the earliest stage of siding replacement. This will help you plan and achieve the best results for your sidings.

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