4 Hand Dryer Ideas That Fit Your Washroom Design

4 Hand Dryer Ideas That Fit Your Washroom Design
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    Not much goes into furnishing a public or commercial bathroom.

    You mainly need to think about the sinks, mirrors, and stalls with toilets. It sounds simple enough.


But there is one component that many don’t give too much thought to at the beginning — the hand dryers. Will your washroom have just automatic hand dryers or will you also have a paper towel dispenser as well?

For all of your hand dryer ideas, questions, and concerns, keep on reading to find the best approach when it comes to designing a public bathroom.

Best Commercial Hand Dryers

There are lots of different types of hand dryers from high-speed to automatic, push-button, warm air, and much more.

You may have some hand dryers ideas for consideration already, but here are our recommendations:

  1. Hands-in hand dryers — These models, and others that have a water-collecting tray, are one of the best hand dryer ideas for commercial restrooms. They don’t let water droplets puddle up on the ground, resulting in a slippery mess.
  2. High-speed hand dryers — If you have a high-traffic bathroom, then you want to avoid crowds and lines forming within the bathroom as much as possible. Look into high-speed hand dryer’s models that cuts down on drying time from 30 seconds to 10-15 seconds is ideal in this case.
  3. Touchless hand dryers — Effective hand hygiene doesn’t end at washing hands. Hand dryers with buttons are becoming less and less preferred since models that reduce contact with the machine are better for overall public hygiene. Opt for touchless and automatic hand dryers whenever possible.
  4. Energy-efficient dryers — If you have several hand dryers in one facility, you may want to consider energy efficient ones to save on electricity bills. These models typically don’t have a warm air feature but if you invest in a good model, then the dryer will still quickly dry hands even with cold air. Warm air is not a prerequisite for the best hand dryers.

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Hand Dryer Ideas for Matching Bathroom Design

Your hand dryer of choice should match the look and feel of the bathroom, and luckily for you this isn’t difficult to achieve! Hand dryers are primarily available in a range of subtle colors such as white, silver, or black to suit the design of just about any contemporary commercial restroom.

This way, you can match the hand dryer color and material to that of your sinks and toilets for a seamless design incorporation. Additionally, most hand dryers in the market are relatively minimalistic in their design which means they won’t stand out (in a bad way) no matter the design you choose for the overall space.

Depending on the space availability and design ideas for commercial bathrooms, you should consider the size of the hand dryer. For example, hands-in models are great but they aren’t the best hand dryer idea for small spaces since the dryer itself is quite large. Opt for a simple, small, automatic hand dryer that is wall mounted in that case.


Hand Dryer Placement Considerations

How many hand dryers do you need for a single bathroom? Do you also know where to install them? We have the answer to these questions as well.

An average public restroom requires one hand dryer per restroom. Typically, one hand dryer will suffice for a medium traffic restroom that receives 100-300 people per day.

A rule you can keep in mind is to install one hand dryer for every dual sink in the restroom. Which means one for every two sinks, two hand dryers for every two sinks, and so on.

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Also, make sure you are following local and international guidelines when installing the hand dryers. These guidelines and regulations relate to the height of the hand dryer mounted to the wall, along with the distance of it from the sink and mirror, along with special instructions for special needs restrooms.

You’re now on the right path for designing and implementing the ideal public washroom.

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