Bathroom Remodel: How Your Plumbing Can be Affected

Bathroom Remodel: How Your Plumbing Can be Affected
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    People misconceive the idea that bathroom remodeling is only done on surface.

    In reality, a bathroom remodel could include the installation of new plumbing fixtures.


You may have new pipes installed that affect your sink or drain. It’s important to consider how plumbing affects the look and function of your bathroom.

Pipe Repairs and Maintenance

Pipes are the unseen fixtures that cause the severest damages to your bathroom. A leak behind the wall is more destructive than one that’s seen in clear view. It causes a buildup of rust that weakens the pipes over time. Leaks also cause mold and rotting that damages the bathroom.

When the pipes stop working, the entire bathroom becomes ineffective. Maintaining the plumbing is more important than repainting the walls a different color. For those reasons, your remodeling project must start with the repairs and maintenance of your piping system.


When people remodel showers, they want to focus on the aesthetic parts. They want to install new floor tiles and choose popular trends with attractive designs. If your shower drain is not working properly, though, there is no use in focusing on design.

The drain is another important fixture that requires maintenance. This starts with a thorough cleaning to remove years of clogs. For the severest damage, plumbers have to remove the drain and install a new one.


Another great idea for your bathroom remodel is to install new flooring. You might as well put in a new floor especially if you are already putting in a new tub, toilet, and cabinets. It is much easier to tear out your old floor and put in a new one when everything else is already out of the way. You can update with new tile, vinyl, or even wood flooring. You can even find tile flooring that looks like wood if wanted. Consider putting up a backsplash in your bathroom that matches the flooring and adds more color as well.

New Installations

Plumbing services include the standard installations of sinks, toilets and showers. They have to carry out inspections or remove portions of the wall to rework the pipes. The installation of a simple sink is a multistep process that costs an average of a thousand dollars.

Water Heaters

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Everyone prefers to have hot showers over cold ones. The comfort and efficiency of your shower is affected by the water heater.

Install a new unit to replace an old, defective one that is adding unnecessary expenses to your energy bill. Nowadays, you can choose from a range of energy-efficient products that cut the bill in half.

Plumbing is done behind the scenes, so many people forget about it when they plan remodeling projects. The efficiency of the entire bathroom depends on the strength of your pipes.

The last thing you want his to have plumbing problems later that could potentially undo all of the hard work you put into your remodel. So, the plumbing needs of your remodeling will exceed the costs of the non-plumbing needs. It’s necessary that you put the costs and importance of plumbing first on your list.

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