Sunday Morning Tip for July 18: How to Prepare your House for Power Washing?

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for July 18:</span> How to Prepare your House for Power Washing?
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    Are pressure washing technicians coming soon to clean your house's exterior?

    Homeowners have to hire such services regularly to remove rust stains, mold, and algae from the surface.


Power washing can be a dangerous task for inexperienced homeowners, as it might lead to property damage and injuries when performed incorrectly. There are numerous companies like Cedar Rapids Power Washing Services who can homeowners maintain the beauty of their homes.

Although most homeowners trust this service in the hand of specialists, they still need to prepare their house for the upcoming cleaning by sealing all windows and doors, protecting the outdoor area, keeping the kids and pets indoors, etc.

The following tips might be of assistance.

Seal all windows and doors

The first step to take when preparing your house for power washing is ensuring all doors and windows are sealed properly. It’s paramount for water not to enter your home, which is why you must check whether there are some openings or cracks in your doors and windows.

Start by performing a detailed inspection of every single window and door in your house to look for signs of improper sealing. If you happen to find some cracks or openings, spare some time to seal them by using weather-stripping, foam tape, or window film.

Protect the outdoor area

After making sure everything is sealed properly, it’s time to protect the outdoor area. Pressure washing technicians are supposed to have unobstructed access to the exterior of your house.

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Therefore, you’re advised to remove all objects that get in their way.Even though professionals are experienced enough to work their way around obstacles, you should save them the trouble from navigating around objects.

For instance, you should move your lawn furniture and garden tools away from the house to make your home more accessible and protect these items at the same time. Any outdoor light fixtures and electrical outlets should be covered with plastic sheeting.

Click here to gain better insight into pressure washing.

Protect your plants

Apart from protecting patio furniture, homeowners are also recommended to protect their plants. These are likely to get damaged by the high pressure used during the process, not so much by chemicals.

The majority of pressure washing companies rely on environmentally friendly products when cleaning the exterior of houses, which cause no damage to vegetation. Nevertheless, the power of pressure is high enough to destroy any branches, leaves, and flowers that get in the way.

Therefore, the best way to protect your flowers is by storing potted plants in a safe location. The plants that make up the landscape should be covered with waterproof plastic, as these cannot be relocated.

Furthermore, presoaking the landscape is another useful tip to try to protect it from the damage done by chemicals. By watering the plants prior to the arrival of the technicians, you’ll significantly reduce the damage, as chemicals aren’t likely to stick to soaked plants.

Beware of electricity

Water and electricity aren’t the best of friends, which is why extension cords outside the house should be unplugged before pressure washing experts arrive. These cords present another threat to technicians, as they can easily trip on them and end up injuring themselves.

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Moreover, outdoor electrical fixtures and outlets shouldn’t be supplied with electricity. They must be kept dry and safe in the course of cleaning to prevent unexpected issues.

The following link,, includes some useful tips for protecting light plugs from rain. These tips can be used for protecting your outlets when pressure washing as well.

Keep your kids and pets inside the house

Homeowners are strongly advised to keep their children and pets away from the high-pressure water stream by making them stay inside. Given the incredible generation of kinetic energy, it’s no wonder the pressure can cause severe skin injuries.

Kids and pets are supposed to stay at home during the entire cleaning process, as they can easily get in the way of pressure washers by not paying attention. You should ensure they don’t leave the house or come near the windows.

Final word

Do your best to prepare your house for the arrival of power washing technicians!

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