How to Wash Windows and Mirrors Without Streaks

How to Wash Windows and Mirrors Without Streaks
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    A spotless mirror or window can quickly change the look of your home.

    After days of staring at the smudges and fingerprints, you can finally gaze on a clear, shiny surface.

    The last thing you want to see is an unwelcome visitor from the cleaning process — a streak.


No matter how much you try, you end up with streaky mirrors and windows when you tidy up. You can end up with residue even with traditional glass cleaner. How is it possible to have leftover flecks when you cleaned so thoroughly?

Getting a streak-free shine on your windows and mirrors is possible if you change a few of your cleaning tools and tricks. Here are six steps to reach an unblemished look on your glass surfaces.

1. Choose a Cleaning Solution

One possible source of streaks on your glass could be mineral buildup from added water. If you’re using a homemade cleaning solution, you might turn on the tap — which could be emitting hard water — to balance out a vinegar mixture.

However, hard water contains more substances than you might think, which could produce unsightly marks on your window.

Solve this issue by choosing distilled water or leaving it out of your mixture altogether. Opt for a pure vinegar concoction to bypass any problems your water quality might contribute.

Soap can disrupt your smooth surface with suds, too, so skip it when you’re whipping up a DIY version. Another effective base for a cleaner is club soda.

Store-bought glass cleaners are acceptable for windows and mirrors because their ingredients are particularly geared toward reflective surfaces.

2. Pick a Cleaning Tool

The typical tool that people select for wiping away their glass cleaner is terrycloth or paper towels. Both of these leave visible fibers and remnants for a spotty finish, though. Steer clear of towels that deposit lint on your windows and mirrors.

A microfiber towel has a tight knit that doesn’t accumulate specks of material. Use it to eliminate a dusty look on your mirrors and enhance your cleaning process.

Another quick and powerful device for removing the marks and the cleaner is a squeegee. If you happen to own a squeegee, you can easily clear away residue with a few swift motions.

3. Get the Hard-to-Reach Spots

Even with the best cloths and tools for wiping away grime, mirror and window corners can go untouched. These tiny areas are difficult to clean out, but the dirty remnants are easy to notice.

Use a cotton swab to pinpoint these nooks. Apply extra glass cleaner to your small tool, then rub away the bacteria and collected dust along the edges of the space.

4. Scrub off Large Deposits with Rubbing Alcohol

Substantial splotches on your glass might not come off with a simple glass cleaner and cloth, so you’ll have to turn to heavy-duty resources. When you do attempt to wipe away thicker deposits, they can smear across your mirror and leave an unattractive mark. Tackle filthy spots of toothpaste, makeup and hairspray with rubbing alcohol.

Your home’s exterior has even tougher stains to remove. From bird droppings to bugs, many materials stick to your outdoor windows. You can pour rubbing alcohol on a sponge or cotton swab to scrub these away — but slip on a pair of rubber gloves before you go to work on it.

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5. Vary Your Wiping Direction

Another method of reducing streaks is to change your wiping strokes. Start at the top of the mirror so you can catch the dripping glass cleaner as you go. First, start with circular motions for a thorough clean, then switch to vertical movements. Wrap it up with horizontal strokes. Cover the entire surface with all three directions to avoid lines.

6. Buff the Surface

Finish off by polishing the surface for a gleaming finish. Newspaper is the classic tool to attain a glossy appearance but beware of the ink that can rub off the paper. Coffee filters also give the same effect. Just start smoothing the paper over the glass to buff it.

other valuable tips:

Cotton T-shirts are a softer alternative to newspaper and coffee filters that gives a sleek appearance. Pick a spare one to reuse in your future cleaning projects.

Achieve a Streak-Free Surface

Next time you prepare to do your household chores, you can look forward to cleaning the mirrors and windows. Without the threat of streaks, this task can be satisfying. Minimize streaks on your glass surfaces with these simple steps.

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