Top Tips When Considering Flood Proofing Your House

Top Tips When Considering Flood Proofing Your House
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    Most people don't consider flood-proofing their home unless they know they are likely to be flooded or have experienced a flood.

    When you appreciate the amount of damage that can be done by water, you'll quickly want to do everything possible to stop it from getting in.


Of course, it’s impossible to fully flood-proof a house. Water will always find a way in. But, you can block off the main routes in and fit submersible pumps in your basement to pump out any water. This will minimize the risk and damage.

Consider The Risk

Before you spend money on flood proofing, you need to consider the risk level that your house will be flooded.

You can consider it high if the house has flooded before or the water has come close to coming in.

Equally, look at the way water drains around your home. Blockages in this process can redirect the water inside home even if you live up hill. It’s important to be thorough with your assessment process.

Check Your Plumbing

People generally think of house floods as being a result of heavy rain or rivers bursting banks. But, the truth is that your house can just as easily be flooded with pipe burst.

If you’re at work all day or asleep you may not hear the water pouring into your home.

The first step in flood prevention is to make sure your plumbing is in good condition.

Seal It Up

The next step is to examine the outside walls of your home, paying particular attention to the doors and windows. You’ll need to fill any gaps you find with a waterproof sealant. It’s also a good idea to make sure brickwork is coated to protect it from the elements.

Sand Bags

You should keep a supply of sandbags handy somewhere. Hopefully you may never need them; but they are a great way of protecting a door from preventing water getting inside your home.

Raise Things Up

If water can get inside then you have to assume that one day it will. Take a good look around your home to find where the water will drain, this is usually the lowest point of the house.

basement waterproofingquick dam

      some floor proof ideas to consider      

To prevent issues, add a sump pump as previously mentioned and raise your furniture off the ground. You can use plinths to lift them several inches buying you time to save sentimental items if a flood happens.

Replace Your Floors

If you’re worried about flooding then it’s a good idea to get rid of your wooden floors and install a concrete floor with a damp proof membrane. You can then tile above the floor to create a stunning look that won’t get damaged by floodwater.

It will still need to be properly dried out, but it’s unlikely to cause any lasting damage. As a bonus, it’s also much easier to clean up.

Add Steps

Instead of having your door at ground level, add a large step that will act as a barrier to the water. It’s an easy, effective way to keep water out.

This is a surprisingly simple step that most people don’t take. But, if the water regularly goes past your front door an inch or two deep, a concrete step will help to keep it from flooding your home.


Is It Worth It?

If you experience a flood, then taking these steps to flood-proof your home is smart investment. But, if there is minimal history of flooding in your area or if you home is not close to a water source, you may feel it’s unnecessary.

That said, it’s still beneficial to have a sump plug in your basement and to seal up gaps. This along with keeps pests out and help in flood proofing your house.

Perhaps the biggest sign that you should be flood-proofing your home is to look at your insurance policy. If it covers floods and flood damage, then your main concern is your sentimental valuables.

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If it doesn’t, the insurance company knows something you may not know. You should start building your flood defenses today.

Don’t forget, if you combine resources with your neighbors you’ll develop a better system for directing water away from all of your houses.

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