What Are Signs of Ice Dams?

What Are Signs of Ice Dams?
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    Ice dams can be dangerous to your home; they occur when you have snow on your roof that melts.


Heat escapes from your roof and it melts any snow that is on your roof. The snow that has melted runs down your roof to colder parts where it begins to refreeze. The melting and freezing process can severely damage your roof.

This damage may prevent snow from draining properly from your roof and may backup inside your home. When you see this, it is essential that you hire a professional to handle ice dam removal from your home.

How Ice Dams Form

You should understand the signs of ice dams forming on your roof, so you ensure they are handled properly before they become a problem for your home.

While icicles can be a natural reaction when there is snow on your roof, if there are in odd places, it could be a sign of ice damns.

If you find icicles on the roof edges, behind gutters, or through the soffit, those are potential signs of ice dams.

If you start seeing water damage in your house, especially signs of water running down your walls, it can be a sign of ice dams forming.

Excess Ice Can Block Gutters

Ice dams can block your gutters and prevent them from draining. When you notice that your gutters are not draining, it could be a clear sign of ice damns.

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The water that should drain through the gutters backs up on the roof and causes damage to the structure of your home. When you see ice forming on your outside walls, below the siding, or any other place that seems odd, you should pay attention.

Ice dams may cause the water to back up on the eave; then, it seeps behind things and freezes again. As you move into warmer weather, you may begin to see watermarks on the wall.


How To Note Ice Dams Are Forming

When it does snow, you should pay attention to how it melts on your roof. If you notice that the snow is melting high on your roof but not on the lower parts of the roof, this could be a sign of ice damming. The damage of ice damns can be significant, especially when you leave it unchecked.

Water dams can damage the insulation in your house, which means it needs to be replaced. It can also lift your shingles, pull off gutters, and cause significant structural damage. The process of freezing and melting causes dampness and mold in your home, impacting your health, as well as your home.

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