Disposable Tableware – The Right Choice For Any Occasion

Disposable Tableware – The Right Choice For Any Occasion
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    Until a few years ago, there weren't many choices available to buy disposable tableware.

    However, from disposable plates and bowls to food containers, various options are available today.


Due to their durability, convenience, and affordability, disposables have become an important part of various occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and get-together. They are also used in camps, picnics, and other outings.

The job of cleaning utensils after a grand party can be tough. Disposables do not require cleaning and drying; hence, it saves our time and efforts.

You just need to throw these in a dustbin carefully so that they do not fly in the air and make the area unclean. A few bowls and spoons here and there can, however, be cleaned with the help of a broom.

With this, the tidying up process becomes easy and less time-consuming. One can search top disposable tableware supplier online as well as offline.

You can ask for recommendations from your neighbors, relatives, and friends and make a list of them before approaching them individually.

Besides being inexpensive, they also help you save money on damages or breakages. You do not have to buy expensive cutlery, breaking of which can incur huge losses.

Disposables are cheaper than using utensils of glass, ceramic, melamine, and plastic at a party. They are a great option for your kid’s birthday party as you don’t have to worry that the children at the party can break your expensive dinner set.

There is absolutely no risk as disposables are easy to carry and use. Many of them are suitable even for carrying hot food. Some of the disposables are microwave friendly; hence, you do not have to transfer the food to another plate or bowl.

Advantages of Disposables

  • Higher Degree of Hygienic Standards

    Disposable cutlery is for one-time use; hence, it guarantees a higher degree of hygienic standards. It is perfect for use in hospitals and nursing homes where there is comparatively more risk of contamination.

    Moreover, when we eat outside, we tend to worry about forks and spoons being unclean. The use of disposable tableware is safe as it is being thrown away after use, and there is no risk of re-use.

  • Easy to Carry

    Disposable plates, bowls, and cups are light; hence, easy to carry. It is perfect for any occasion where many people are expected to come, such as food festivals, fete, and fair.

    Such tableware also goes well with grand birthday parties or weddings and more formal occasions such as meetings, seminars, workshops, etc. Disposable food containers are easy to handle since they are compact, making them great options for camping or picnics.

picnic basketsenvironmentally disposable wares

      some picnic item ideas to consider      

  • Availability and Affordability

    Availability and affordability are other important advantages of disposables. They are easily available online as well as in the markets.

    You can either buy them at your nearest store or order them online at your own convenience. Besides being easily available, they are available at a much lower price than other types of cutlery.

  • Uniform Tableware

    We always want to throw a party that would have uniform tableware. Disposable tableware is an excellent solution to this problem. Even kids find disposable cups and plates interesting. ‘Convenience’ is the keyword that goes well with disposable cutlery.

Types of Materials Used for Disposables

Disposables are made of various kinds of materials, and you can buy them depending on your budget. Some of the common materials used are plastic, Styrofoam, aluminum, paper, fallen/dried leaves, sugar cane, bagasse, potato starch, bamboo, cornstarch, etc.

All the disposables, however, are not environment friendly. While plastic disposables are non-bio-degradable, disposables made from bagasse, potato starch, and cornstarch are biodegradable materials.

Every type of disposable has its benefits, and the choice depends upon budget and type of occasion. People also combine different types of materials together. They use aluminum platters and Styrofoam plates for serving and eating respectively.

There are options for laminated and non-laminated disposables too. Some people prefer paper as they are available in different colors and people can buy them as per the décor and theme of a party.

other valuable tips:

If you are someone who won’t mind paying extra for the sake of sophistication, you can go for tableware made of PET materials. These disposals are available in various shapes, sizes, and designs.

These disposables resemble ceramic and glass and are usually preferred for conferences, exhibitions, high-class meetings, seminars, workshops, and more. They are also used in occasions and functions which are expected to have older people as attendees.

If you are an environmentalist or a responsible citizen who prefers using environment-friendly disposables, you can go for biodegradable disposables. As mentioned earlier, there are various options for biodegradable disposables too, such as bagasse and cornstarch.

You can contact the top disposable tableware supplier for such biodegradable options. They categorize their products and specifically mention if the disposables are biodegradable.

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