Tips on Preparing a Base for a Water Storage Tank

Tips on Preparing a Base for a Water Storage Tank
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    If you’re looking to replace your water tank or to set up an emergency water supply, then you’re probably looking for a new water storage tank.

    There are a lot of great ways to make use of an extra water storage tank, whether it’s for more economical use of water, for livestock, or in case of plumbing emergencies.


You can even fill it for free overtime by collecting rainwater while using a water tank rainfall catchment system.

There are different kinds of water storage systems, like this option here. You should choose the tank that makes the most sense for you and your home. Then, once you have made a choice and are ready to fit a water storage tank into a building or home, there are some things that you will need to take into consideration. Something you may not have considered yet is how you’ll be setting your water storage tank up.

After having the perfect water storage tank for you, you should take a look at how you can provide a sturdy base that they will sit in.

There has been a ton of events that people’s water tank has been breaking or losing water due to not having prepared the base correctly.

You can avoid this issue by properly preparing your water storage tank base.

If you don’t know how to prepare for your water storage tank’s base, here are the useful tips you could rely on:

Remove Any Rocks from the Surface

If you are using concrete, make sure that your surface is free from any rocks, no matter how small or large, because they can puncture your water tank resulting in leaking. If there’s water in the tank, that can create a lot of pressure on the base and might cause damage to the water tank itself.

It’s highly important to keep surfaces free from any debris for a more successful placement for your water tank.

Provide Proper Drainage for Sand or Dirt Bases

It is common knowledge that sand and dirt are not very compact and might result in tearing apart. With heavy rain, the possibility of sand and dirt to be washed away is extremely high.

So, if you’re planning on having those as your base, make sure that you provide proper drainage around the tank and have proper support around the base like concrete or rocks.

Use Rebar or Mesh

When laying concrete, it’s highly recommended that you use rebar or mesh to ensure that your base is sturdy and will not break down over time. The use of rebar or mesh allows for maximum support of the concrete base.

Just imagine a building is being built. They don’t just lay plain concrete to build it, but they use rebar for better grip and support. The same goes for your base as it will be handling a lot of weight, so extensive support is needed.

Make Sure They are on an Even Surface

With building a water storage tank base, you must provide an even surface so there would be equal pressure to all parts of the tank and the base itself. An uneven pressure might result in damage to the tank and might result in spilling or leaking.

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      some rain and water collections to consider      

Never Use Two Bases 

As much as you want to maximize the ability to support your water tank, never use two bases at the same time. You should decide if you should be having concrete or sand/dirt as your water tank base. The two aren’t made to be a perfect combination and you might be doing more harm especially when it rains and the sand or dirt washes away.

Avoid Bricks or Timber Sleepers

As appealing as it looks like on top of bricks, it’s not recommended that you place your water tank above it as they can move or fall over anytime, especially with the added pressure and weight from the water tank.

Avoid Iron Decking

Another thing that you should avoid placing your water tank is at an iron decking as it is unstable and might cause the tank more damage. There is a higher possibility of the water tank falling over so it’s recommended to steer clear from adding a water tank on an Iron Decking.

Leave Space Around the Tank Base

When building a tank base, it should be important that you build a tank base larger than your water tank for better support. If you’re using a slimline poly tank, a 100mm space around each side of the tank should be enough. For round poly tanks, you should at least add 500mm to the tank diameter for your base.


As much as you value your water tank, you should be adding more care to it as the longevity and warranty of your water tank is based on how you take good care of it. This includes having a sturdy and even base.

other valuable tips:

Cleaning water tanks regularly if you use a plastic water tank would be helpful as well. You can pick between having concrete or sand/dirt as your base. The use of concrete has been a widely popular choice since they’re truly sturdy, especially if you add rebar or mesh.

It can help to avoid any unwanted spillage and damage and lets you be worry-free from any inconvenience. Having a sturdy water tank base is highly important as it will help your water tank to be in the best condition it could be.  

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