Make the Most of Your Garden Shed

Make the Most of Your Garden Shed
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    You've finished your hoeing, digging and raking, and are ready to return your tools to storage.


Trouble is, your garden shed is packed with more stuff than what it should contain including a host of non-garden items such as old newspapers, bicycles and automotive equipment. You can make the most of your garden shed by organizing it efficiently.

Separate and Prioritize

Be relentless in separating the items that belong in your garden shed from items that do not. Find a new home for your kids’ bicycles, place your automotive equipment in your garage and if you are using your old newspapers for compost, then shred them up immediately and put them in your compositor. Otherwise, the newspapers should be bundled for recycling.

For the remaining items, identify what you absolutely need and the items that you no long use. Bundle the non-used items with the other stuff around the house and donate them or hold a yard sale. Promise yourself that your garden shed will only contain your essential tools and equipment.

Get Organized

Heavy and bulky equipment such as lawn mowers, tiller and garden tractors must occupy floor space. For everything else, make use of peg board and shelving to keep in order.

You can use racks to hold garden hand tools or you can attach peg board to the wall from post to post and use display clips to hand items with holes in the handle or that come with straps. Or, you can use plywood and hammer that in place and then space nail pairs on the wall for hanging a trowel, cultivator, shovels, loppers and shears.

Get Creative

If head room is plentiful, meaning that you have at least three feet from the top of your head to the ceiling, the area above you represents dead space and can be better utilized. From the rafter, you can hang an old pot rack and place your smaller tools on each hook. Install a pulley system and that rack can be lowered for easy access and raised again once you are done.

What about heavier items that you do not want to leave on the ground or floor such as fertilizer? Fertilizer as well as bags of grass seed need to be elevated to avoid attracting moisture. You have two choices here: use bins to store what you have and thereby lose important floor space or build heavy duty shelving that can hold the heaviest items. For this project you will need 8 foot lumber 2×2 and plywood sheets to hold the shelving in place. Follow the heavy duty shelves instructions to get your shelves put in place.

Shed Considerations

Most garden sheds will hold everything you need unless your yard or gardens are of extraordinary size. If that is the case you might be better off investing in a larger garden shed and one better suited for modifying its interior as needed.

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