Home Renovations: How to Create Your Dream Backyard Patio

Home Renovations: How to Create Your Dream Backyard Patio
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    The warm weather is coming, and that means outdoor entertaining and simple outdoor living.


Following are tips to create the patio of your dreams.

Outdoor Entertaining

A smart phone is not really the device to use to watch a favorite TV program. There are now televisions that are specifically made to be watched outdoors. They are tough and waterproof, and their screens are treated in a way that the sunlight doesn’t wash out the image.

Other accoutrements that help you create your dream backyard patio are speakers attached to a stereo system and even a karaoke machine to facilitate your monthly karaoke night.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is surprisingly like an indoor kitchen, with countertops, sink, stove and of course a deluxe barbecue grill. Adding a pizza oven adds to the charm.

Fire Pits and Outdoor Fireplaces

You may have your outdoor kitchen, but there’s nothing like toasting marshmallows or making s’mores around a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace.

Fire pits are extraordinarily versatile. They can be square, round, raised or low to ground and made of all manner of materials, including metal or stone and are so attractive that they’re focal points even when they’re not lit. But even the comeliest fire pit can’t compare with a well-built outdoor fireplace. A fireplace can’t help but dominate a dream patio. They can be built as part of a fieldstone wall or terrace and can come with storage space for kindling.

Patio Living Rooms

When a guest sees a fireplace, they may wonder where the living room is. There’s no reason why a patio with a fireplace can’t be arranged exactly like a living room, with a sofa, easy chairs, coffee table, artwork on the wall and the mantelpiece, vases of cut flowers, potted plants and rugs. Indoor and outdoor fabrics are no longer dull and utilitarian but can be as vivid as anything seen indoors.

Mix and Match

Some of the charm of patio furniture is that it doesn’t have to be bought in a set. There’s no reason why a stone table can’t be surrounded with metal chairs or why a long, metal table has to have chairs that are exactly alike or why a rustic wooden table can be surrounded by a collection of lovely, roomy rattan chairs.

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Outdoor Baths and Showers

Some people are blessed to have two patios. The first may be a place for entertaining while the other may be fitted with a soaking tub or an outdoor shower, both secreted behind a rubble or brick wall for privacy.


When entertaining at night, lighting is necessary for people to find their way around in safety and to enhance the atmosphere. The lights can be a collection of hurricane lamps placed on tables, strings of fairy lights strung through the branches of nearby trees, wall sconces or just outdoor lanterns hung from the patio ceiling. Though they may be a bit expensive, LED lights are becoming more and more popular as party and outdoor lights. They are cool to touch and last years longer than other types of lights, including fluorescents.

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Keep the Bugs Away

Even the most well-planned patio event can be ruined by a plague of mosquitoes. New-style mosquito traps lure the pests away from your patio by releasing carbon dioxide then trapping them. A homeowner can make their own mosquito trap by using a 2 liter soda bottle sawn in half and the bottom filled with yeast and sugar syrup, but it’s best to keep that out of sight!

Creating a dream patio doesn’t have to be very expensive or can be very pricey indeed. It all depends on the size of your dreams!



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