Renovating Towards a Roomier Place

Renovating Towards a Roomier Place
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    If the room in your house is never enough and you are always in need of storage, then you should not immediately jump to the conclusion that you need storage units – at least not for ever.

    You may need some while you renovate your house or flat so that you open yourself to more storage room, and therefore opening much more room for everything else.


This calls for smart renovation, and not for the need to waste money on units to hold your clutter. Order is the way to go, and keeping clutter aside is only a temporary solution – you will eventually bring that clutter back, so you need some place to keep it in. Here is how to approach this matter.


Of course, the most obvious storage solution is to add more shelves in the house. There is no situation where shelves will not be useful, be it to keep candles for nights with no electricity, or to keep your iPhone outside of your pet’s reaching claws or fangs. Installing a few extra shelves on the walls in every room will bring more possibilities for your imagination, so make use of them and think how they could benefit your household.


Installing racks is one of the solutions home owners have discovered in recent years. Racks can be applied in a variety of situations and can free up incredible amounts of space if used properly. A wine rack in the kitchen will not only free up space in the cellar, but will also save you the effort of climbing down the stairs when you need a bottle or two. A lid rack will save space in your pot and cutlery cabinet, as will a pot rack near the oven – this will also make easy the finding of all the tools you need when cooking.


No space in the bathroom? Well, then add an étagère. This is basically a huge cabinet that can hold literally everything you keep in the bathroom except the sink. Your bath towels no longer need to be in your wardrobe and sought after every time you want a bath or shower, and you no longer have to look for a safe place for your cleaning products – everything can go in the étagère’s shelves or compartments.

Basket Compartments

Speaking of compartments, there is a very aesthetically-pleasing style which takes a tall cabinet with shelved compartments where you keep baskets filled with whatever you need stored there. Open the cabinet, take the basket you want, take what you need, put the basket back. It is that simple – just as every storage solution should be.

There are so many interior room ideas that can make a great renovation? Visit our interior home design module for ideas. But first give this article a quick comment/share so others can value these concepts.

As you can see, there is no need to fret over the loss of space. You just have to take matters into your own hands, change things around and make a few simple renovations to create a place that will hold everything you own, and then some. Save yourself the cost of a storage facility and just make your own with just some effort that will save you so much more than money.

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