From Beauty to Safety: 5 Reasons People Choose Tile Roofing for Their Homes

From Beauty to Safety: 5 Reasons People Choose Tile Roofing for Their Homes
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    There are many design choices that go into building a house.

    One of the most important parts of a home is the roof.

    After all, it's the roof that makes a house a shelter.


The roof is important for protecting your home and keeping out the elements. It can also make a strong design statement. One choice you will have to make is the kind of roofing you use. There are many different options for roofing, but one of the most common is tile.

Here are just a few of the reasons so many people use tile roofing for their home.


Simply put, tile is one of the most beautiful roofing choices available. Many of the mansions in Hollywood and Southern California use title roofing, because it’s aesthetically pleasing and hearkens back to classical building styles.

As one of the oldest roofing materials still in use, it’s become an iconic aesthetic aspect of many historic cities.

Known for its common bright orange color, tile roofing makes for an eye-catching style choice on your home.  It’s a romantic choice that is sure to give your house a lot of curb appeal.


Another great benefit of tile roofing is you have a lot of different options to choose from for residential roofing. While most well known for the iconic orange clay color, tile roofing can be made out of different materials like clay, slate, and concrete.

It can also come in a wide variety of different colors, textures, and styles. You can choose medieval style tiles or go for a more contemporary look. There are many choices available.

Environmentally Friendly

Tile roofing is a great choice if you are environmentally conscious. For one, it’s mass and composition helps to better regulate temperature in your home.

Less heat will escape your home in the winter and less cool air will escape in the summer. This will help you keep you use less power heating and cooling your home through the year. Not only does this lower your carbon footprint, it also reduces your monthly utility costs.

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Tile roofing can also be recycled after use unlike many other materials. Both clay and concrete tiles can be crushed and refined to make gravel, pathways, landscaping materials, and other products. This reduces the waste that is so often created from remodeling and repair efforts.


Other choices for roofing don’t last forever. While many roofs can last a couple decades, you many still require some repairs after just ten years to replace worn out shingles. Asphalt roofs, the most common type because of their relative cheapness, often have a lifespan of only 25 years.

This is not the case with tile roofing. High quality tile roofing installed correctly can last for up to a century, and sometimes longer.

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Tile roofing is simply more effective than many of the other choices on the market. It rarely if ever leaks. It doesn’t rot. It also doesn’t get damaged very easily.

A strong wind storm can strip off asphalt shingles, but this won’t happen with tile roofing. The only thing likely to damage it is a very strong impact. Unless a storm drops branches on your roof, it should be strong enough to last for a very long time.

There are many choices for roofing on the market today. However, before you make your decision, investigate the benefits of tile roofing. Tile roofing can be beautiful, strong, and even environmentally friendly. It’s an excellent choice for many homes.

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