5 Storage Ideas For Your Small Kitchen

5 Storage Ideas For Your Small Kitchen
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    Whether constantly washing up after the kids or trying in vain to find space for all your mugs, the kitchen can be a chaotic place.


If you have a smaller kitchen you may find it difficult to keep the place in order. But don’t fear, there are plenty of storage solutions to make your kitchen a calm and pleasant place to be.

Use All Your Cabinets

Wall cabinets are not only a storage area. They can also be used creatively to add some extra storage outside of them. Fixing pegs to the sides of wall cabinets gives you the option of hanging utensils, hand towels and even cookware on them, leaving your drawers or the cabinets themselves some room to breathe. You can also use the tops of your cabinets to store things you don’t use regularly.

Switch To Shelves

Include a shelf above the fridge for special, less used crockery. This also works as a platform to show off your nicer dishware while getting your delicate crockery out of busy cabinets.

Shelving can be used for appliances too. Consider switching from traditional cabinet style to cubed shelves for maximum organization.

If you have space between your fridge and the countertops use it for a narrow set of cubed shelves too.

Double Up

Countertops should be as clean and clutter-free as possible. Put bridge shelves on your counters to add a second vertical level for stacking smaller items that get lost in cabinets.

Use burner covers to make your stove an extra usable surface when not in use. A common cabinet style for smaller kitchens is a shallow cabinet that doesn’t interfere with headspace. You can even double up on these by putting one row lower down towards the counter as they won’t overhang too much.

modern kitchen faucetpantry cabinet

    some kitchen design ideas to consider    


Cabinets that double as a breakfast bar are a good example of smart storage solutions for small kitchens. A freestanding option can be moved around to suit the particular job you are doing at that time.

Those burner covers I mentioned earlier can be made from cutting boards which give you another space-saving bonus. If you can make few fixtures do many things you’ll be surprised how much space you have.

Use Every Nook

Slide some cubed shelves or a slimline trolley down the side of your cooker for those spatulas, clingfilm and whatever else you regularly use for cooking. Use colorful labelled pots to store dry goods or surplus cleaning products above those kitchen cabinets.

Just make sure they are safely reachable. Use every space available to you; the sides of the fridge, behind the door, the door frame itself, inside your cabinet doors.

other valuable tips:

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or functionality. A few clever storage solutions can give you the space you need while actually improving the flow of your kitchen. Team different kitchen cabinet styles with inventive ways of adding space for a room you will love to be in. Your imagination is the limit!

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