What to Remember When Renovating a Restaurant

What to Remember When Renovating a Restaurant
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    If renovation is in the planning stage for a restaurant, plans should begin with renovation design.


By using existing restaurant design and a software application specifically for design purposes, it is possible to recreate the floor plan, dining, kitchen and reception areas before any changes are made.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design is essential to restaurant renovation. This simply means the design and planning should make the best use of building size and configuration for the interior and exterior of the facility.

The ergonomic design also includes the use of restaurant equipment, dining and restroom facilities and ease of movement for patrons and wait staff. An ergonomic design should also address compliance with local, state and federal regulations for fire and employee safety.

For example, commercial grease trap cleaning on a regular basis protects restaurant septic systems from clogs but also protects city sewer systems. However, the storage of a commercial grease trap may differ among states.

When it comes to renovating your restaurant, make sure to research the standards of safety in your state.

For example, Alabama restaurants are required to have permits to operate and comply with the AL State Department of Health.

Restaurant owners and renovators alike both know to contact experts for help with staying up to date on the changing standards of commercial grease trap cleaning near them.

Meeks environment is a good example of a company that provides commercial quality grease trap cleaning in Birmingham, AL as it is regulated by that state.

Convenience to Service Staff and Restaurant Patrons

Renovation of a restaurant should not disrupt or restrict daily workflow or patronage. Discuss with renovation contractors on how to avoid inconveniencing service staff and patrons. Where possible, plan renovations for off-hours or when the restaurant is closed for business.

If renovations will be done in phases, discuss with renovators how to maintain safety for staff and patrons during construction to avoid potential injury and liability.

Check with your liability insurer regarding safety and potential injury during renovations. Insurers frequently provide policies specifically for renovations and remodeling projects. These policies protect restaurant owners, patrons, service staff and renovators if they do not already insure their renovation workers.

Certain renovators may also request a copy of the restaurant owner’s liability insurance policy as well as a performance guarantee, warranty for the installation of equipment or to ensure the contractual agreement between restaurant owner and renovator clearly outline responsibilities and duties of each party of the renovation contact.

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Functionality of Renovation Changes

Before renovations begin remember that the functionality of changes made by renovations should be reviewed in detail.

The reason for a preliminary review of renovations and the effect on restaurant functions is to avoid additional costs of errors and omissions by the renovator. It also avoids post renovation disruptions to normal restaurant functions.

An errors and omission policy (E&O) is a form of professional liability insurance that applies to contractors who provide services and maintenance to clients such as restaurant owners.

E&O covers the business and business’s contractors in the event that a renovation is faulty or causes potential loss to the business. Check with your insurer regarding whether is may be needed for renovations to your restaurant.

Timing of Renovation Process

While the actual implementation of a renovation’s time can be worked around normal business hours there is also another consideration regarding the timing of the renovation process.

The restaurant owner should plan the timing of a renovation to coincide with the time of year when business is generally less hectic. It is also advantageous to engage the services of a professional renovator during their less busy season of the year so owners can take advantage of off season discounts to help reduce project costs.

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Renovation Budget and Costs

All businesses are concerned about staying within budget and reducing costs where possible for a major project like a restaurant renovation.

Before renovation begins to gather as much data on renovation costs as possible from several different renovation professionals. Include the costs for replacing equipment, flooring, lighting, furnishings, electrical and HVAC upgrades and other miscellaneous renovation changes.

Keep track of these costs and discuss them with a business accountant or financial manager regarding the best method of maintaining a renovation budget and how to reduce costs.

Restaurant renovation is a major project that involves money, time and planning. However, it is also a financially rewarding way to add to the value of your business investment, expand business name and increase restaurant patronage.

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