The Ultimate Guide to Choose Hurricane Proof Glass: Making the Right Choice

The Ultimate Guide to Choose Hurricane Proof Glass: Making the Right Choice
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    Mother Nature has been known to deal with some pretty heavy blows on some people; Hurricanes, tornadoes and typhoons are the most devastating.


If you live in some parts of the world like Florida, you might have wondered why the authorities have strict regulations on housing construction; it is for your own benefit because the area is prone to hurricanes. In 1992 and right after the reality of destruction by hurricane Andrew had witnessed, houses built had to be able to withstand storms and hurricanes.

10 years later in 2002, a new statute set the minimum wind speed ability for windows. These regulations have been changing ever since to include shatterproof windows, reinforced/stabilized pillars and stronger roofs.

While making your home storm-ready is mandatory, you do not have to spend a fortune. Out of the many options that are available in the market, the most affordable are impact windows and hurricane shutters.

Impact windows are in turn the most commonly used because they add on to the aesthetic appeal of the house and do not therefore require special prepping when a storm is approaching.

Why should we use hurricane proof glasses?

The major difference between standard windows and hurricane windows is exposed upon breakage. Whereas the standard window will shatter into tiny pieces of glass that fly all over the place, hurricane windows do not fall apart even if they break. In comparison, they behave in a similar manner to the laminated glass used for car windshields.

Although the glass breaks, the technology that holds it together is what makes it stand out. Are you building a new house or Vinyl prepping an old one for impending harsh weather? The best approach is to consult with a trusted brand representative or installer for guidance on recommended installation guidelines.

Things to consider before selecting Hurricane proof glass

If you have decided that you will improve the security and safety of your household using impact windows, then you must be asking yourself questions such as;

  • Which is the right brand to use?
  • Which installer will do the job to my satisfaction?

All impact windows are not made in the same way. So, it is important to choose the best for your circumstances. Most brands are made to be impact resistant but others go further to include an inner membrane in between the pair of window panes. This is a PVB layer whose purpose is to keep the glass held together – the window is not likely to blow outwards in winds of up to 200 mph (category 5 hurricane).

The pane is quite important as it is the central part of the window but it will not do well with a weak frame.  If the frame is made out of any other material apart from steel, vinyl or aluminum, it is bound to give way with time. You might be interested in fitting hurricane proof glass just for protection when disaster strikes but what about the cost?

Weak panes and frames require that you keep changing them every now and then – otherwise they will warp, accumulate rust and disappoint you when you least expect. Glass frames made with Aluminum or steel are obviously the strongest so expect to pay a little bit more than if you bought vinyl.

When you go shopping for impact windows, it is important to look for a design and construction that is convenient for your intended use. Every impact window has a design pressure (DP) rating which notifies laymen just how much wind the window is able to hold back. You will obviously be purchasing based on the recommendation from an installer so make sure to find out the maximum wind speeds in your area before buying.

How to check the quality of hurricane resistant glass?

The DP rating is an important element of any impact window purchase because it means that a sample has been physically tested in a laboratory. While the most common parameter in testing is air filtration, other factors contribute to a widow’s pressure rating.

For a homeowner who does not have any background in assessing the quality, it is best to work with trusted brands such as Fab Glass and Mirror which will help you get the most suitable hurricane proof glass.

Selecting hurricane proof glass installer

Getting the right product to keep away the wind is just one step in the journey towards immunity to wind calamities; you need to hire the right installer. Are you feeling the temptation to do the job yourself? You will definitely cut down on costs this way, but first check that the project at hand can be DIY.

If the job requires a professional, it is important to find out if the person you intend to hire has done similar jobs in the past. An installation that is done poorly will not give you complete benefits and will void your warranty.

other valuable tips:

Some questions to ask potential contractors include;

  • Are you insured/licensed?
  • How many similar projects have you handled previously?
  • Are your technicians certified by the manufacturer?
  • Do you offer a warranty on workmanship?
  • Are there past clients you can give are references?

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