Hints on Upgrading Your Front Door Hardware

Hints on Upgrading Your Front Door Hardware
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    Having an impeccably looking and functional front door is of utmost importance out of two major reasons.

    First, the safety of the house greatly relies on the functionality of the main entrance.

    Secondly, shoulder to shoulder to functionality, the aesthetic appeal. The majority of people take great pride in what their homes look like.


Since the first impressions are usually what count the most, the front door needs to be addressed with special care. One of the most important issues when both of safety and aesthetic factors are concerned is your front door hardware. Let us share several hints on how to upgrade it.

Change the door knobs/handles

Nothing is less appealing and obsolete than greasy, worn down door knobs or handles. If you happen to have either of the two, this is the first upgrade you should do. New door knobs and handles will immensely improve the appearance and since there are various designs available you could give your door a completely new outlook just by changing these single items.

Upgrade the lock

If your current lock occasionally malfunctions, is loose or is in any other way less than perfectly functional, take the advantage of door knobs/handles change and upgrade the lock as well. When the choice of your lock upgrade is in question, bear in mind the data on house burglaries and make sure that your new lock meets the necessary safety standards. Although the installation of a new lock is standardized and rather straightforward, there are still some concerns that need to be carefully addressed.

How to Replace Door Hardware — Buildipedia DIY:

Lock change concerns

In a recent chat with the guys behind Apex Locksmiths, it was brought to my attention that any lock change needs to be done with utmost precision in order to have a fully functional and aesthetically appealing front door. Therefore, when you decide on a new lock, make sure you opt for the one that will fit the existing lock space and avoid the hassle that will follow otherwise. Attempting to fit a new lock either by extending or narrowing the designated spot could easily jeopardize the overall functionality and appearance, not to mention ruin your front door for good.


Having a peephole is a very useful thing. First of all, out of safety precautions, especially if you have youngsters. “Don’t let any unknown people in” rule is surely a lot easier to follow if you can see anyone that stands in front of your entry door. Secondly, a peephole comes in very handy if there are, let’s put it mildly, people who you are not always in the mood of letting in, such as some boring neighbors, friends or relatives who have a habit of barging in whenever they feel like it.

A doorknocker

A doorknocker is a perfect addition to every front door whose owners got tired of the sound of the electric bell, or they simply wish to add a touch of class to their home entrance. Once again, the choice of design, shapes and sizes is so vast that you can turn your front door into any style from a medieval castle entrance to a Spanish colonial style one. What is more, this single addition is sufficient to alter the entire appearance of your front door regardless whether you change anything else or not.

What else could add to the enhancement of your exterior door? How about beautiful, energy efficient windows and shutters:

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Add a mail slot

Adding a mail slot is an effective way of upgrading the look of your front door. Plus it will make sure that none of the important mail you get every month, like bills or bank statements, fails to reach your doorstep or get damaged in your yard mail box. They too come in various sizes and designs, are easily installed and suitable to any budget.

As you can see, upgrading the front door hardware is a series of easy to semi demanding tasks, all of which will surely leave an impact. However, if you are not entirely certain that you will be able to complete the upgrade you set your mind on, it is strongly advisable to ask a professional to help. After all, any upgrade makes sense only if it is perfectly executed.



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