Shutters – Classy Solution Of Humankind For Light And Ventilation

Shutters – Classy Solution Of Humankind For Light And Ventilation
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    Individuals have adapted to their surrounding while simultaneously taking natures design and beauty into their lives.

    Previously shutters were just undecorated boards but now it defines the class of a home.


It was devised to hang outside and inside of a window and prepared from marble to synthetic materials.


  • Windows shutters were more for protection from enemies then decoration. It is believed that its roots are in ancient Greece where they used marble shutter for light and heat control, ventilation and protection.
  • As it moved to the Mediterranean it changed from marble to wood. Hence the advent of movable louver came into existence. It was efficient from stone because it was able to avert insects from entering the house.
  • In medieval Europe houses were protected from metal rods. By the time of Tudor and Elizabethan, glass windows became popular but their use was limited to the upper crust of the society because of its expense. Hence they were reserved for upper half of the window opening and solid window shutters were place before the sash.
  • In the Victorian era, as the construction of house increased wood shutters were moved outside. Due to the thick stone or brick walls or deep windowsills it was impractical to place the shutters outside the window, because they were unreachable. The construction of wooden wall made it easier to access it from inside.
  • As Spanish started their colonial development in America, they brought shutters to their New World from their old World root. This colonization from the South introduced plantation shutters because they were found in the manor on the cotton or sugar plantations. They often had large louvers with color white on it.
  • As already mentioned materials like marble, timber, glass etc. were used. The advent of metal shutters was around for several decades and it is now created in the similar pattern and design like the wooden ones. It was mostly used for commercial properties for security purpose as it could be electrically controlled and is easier to operate. It can resist any worst weather condition.
  • In the 21st century and the coming future the polymer would be establishing its legacy.  Because it can merge with any of the metal. Superior polycot shutter is constructed using polymer and at the same time metal core is provided. Thus the metal core provides it an additional strength to weather change and security. Its lightweight property reduces its cost and by painting it with non toxic material and paints you could get elegance and beauty.

The popularity is due to its timeless style. List of shutter style in this 21st century are:

  • Full Height Shutters
  • Café Style Shutters
  • Tier on Tier Shutters
  • Bi-Fold/ Bi-Pass Shutter
  • Solid Shutters
  • French door Shutters
  • Bay windows

Lawrence, a blogger, an artist and who work as a sales executive in a shutter company wants to share this information to his readers who were lost in time to find the advent of shutters. His favorite shutter is tier on tier shutters because it provides the versatility of privacy and light control, as the panel work independently.



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